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In a recent interview conducted by our very own James Pinnell, with development studio ‘Krome Studios‘, an interesting tidbit came out…

Apparently their engine has gotten to a stage where it’s no longer harder to develop a PS3 game than a 360 game.

From a technology perspective, where the engine (Mercury) is right now, I don’t think you can say one costs more to develop then other from a purely technological perspective. I think really it just comes down to the publisher.

Read the entire interview here

Which makes for a nice change compared to the usual “PS3 is too hard to develop for” rhetoric. Perhaps this is the beginning of a new stage in the PS3′s lifecycle?

  1. avatar juiced

    indeed, things are getting better for he PS3; the system’s in it’s prime now… Now it’s beginning to show…..

  2. avatar mistahclutch

    well, according to id in their gi interview about rage it’s still harder to develop for the ps3. still an overpriced piece of hardware, imho.

  3. avatar nobody

    really? Overpriced? Since it has more capabilities than the Xbox at the same price then I guess that makes the Xbox a complete ripoff

  4. avatar Cabbage24

    @ mistahclutch
    You Dumbass
    @ nobody
    not really 360 is still fun, they both are. No hating on this webpage, OK, Damnit :)

  5. avatar lol@mistahclutch

    hahahaha…your right….that bluray playing ,cell processor using ,media serving ,game playing, remote serving ,internet surfing crappy ps3 cost too much.

  6. Now that lots of developers have experience with the PS3 it’s getting easier to work with. It was bound to happen at some point.

  7. avatar dylantalon

    ps3 over priced? mistaclutch, your life must really be in a bad state if you are that stupid. go out and buy a computer for web browsing , buy a stand alone blu ray player, buy an xbox 360 with hdd,and buy a wireless adaptor and you still wont be able to have everything the ps3 can do. the xbox doesnt support 7.1 audio and it doesnt have quality games that are impossible on it like 256 player game called MAG, mgs 4, motorstorm 2, resistance 2, uncharted 1 and 2, killzone 2 , lbp , ratchet, flower and some others. look at the difference between gears, halo 3, mass effect, pgr4 , forza and compare them to ps3 exclusives like killzone 2 , uncharted 2, gt 5, mgs 4, resistance 2, motorstorm 2 and you’ll see a big difference in game quality .

    xbl/psn- dylantalon

  8. avatar Practical Guy

    so apparently a system with less features and known to break down if you look at it the wrong way is the best deal…LOL

  9. I think Sony realized they were dying out and in an attempt to raise back up they slashed prices, revived their engine, and seem to be on a publicity kick. Only time will tell if this strat will pan out for them.

  10. 360s age is finally catching up on it.

  11. Yeah, and I heard the Wii said you guys look like jerks! What a bastard. Of course he’s only so brazen because he’s got games like Imagine: Horsez and Carnival Games.

    …. sorry, just trying to even out the fanboy console warring!

  12. avatar kwonstein

    What makes this article really strong is the fact that they interviewed Krome, a developer studios that’s not as well known or as heavily funded as some others. The fact that this small dev studio can make a statement about PS3 Mercury engine now being technologically as easy as 360 to code for I think is a pretty powerful statement.

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