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A Slim model, new firmware, and a large lineup of exclusives and the PlayStation 3 seems to have all the momentum in the world heading into this years holiday season.

After the launch of firmware 3.0, what Sony certainly didn’t need was a handful users reporting crippling problems

A heavy hitter for Sony, Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune has experienced¬† freezing and launch problems. Worse still is the fact that some users cannot even connect their Dual shock 3 controllers to the console at all.

Although not a widespread problem,whenever consoles receive a large firmware update (like the NXE)  minor problems such as freezing to consoles completely bricking always seem to popup.

Despite the problems with 3.0 over at Hatimaki’s blog are some comparison videos of start up speeds, game and blu ray load times.

Have you experienced any issues with firmware 3.0? Think its the best thing since sliced bread? Let us know in the forums!

  1. I read this somewhere else:
    Y’know how some people when there’s an earthquake claim their house insurance, but claim even for the cracks that were there already since the insurance company would never really find out?

    Well these people also do the same thing with consoles, I’m quite certain many people will use a new firmware as an excuse to attempt to get a new console from Sony for a problem that existed either before the firmware update, or came about due to some other kind of negligence.

    I’m not saying the problem does not exist, it clearly does. However, I’d take the vocal minority of complainers with a pinch of salt…

  2. avatar James

    I just bought a slim a week ago and updated to the 3.0 as soon as I got it. I played the first Resistance with no problems but when I fired up Uncharted, something I was very excited to play, I would get through about 15 minutes and it would freeze the whole system. Now it freezes on the level load screen. I don’t want a new system. I just bought one. I just want the system I dropped $300 on to work correctly. I don’t think that it is as small a minority as you might think.

    Back to the old reliable (never thought I’d say that) Xbox360.

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