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Oh dear. The latest firmware upgrade for PS3 was released only a couple of days ago, but users are reporting a couple of slightly significant drawbacks, which are somewhat more significant than the absolute mess that is the new friends list.

It seems that 3.00 isn’t bonding with Uncharted very well – many gamers are citing freezing problems specifically for Uncharted since installing 3.0, with varying degrees of regular intervals.

And now it isn’t even letting you play anything, with reports coming in of users not being able to activate their controllers. Apparently, in some cases the lights on the controller do indeed activate, but the controller remains lifeless, although these are still only isolated incidents. Still, this probably isn’t the smooth launch that Sony was hoping for to say the least.

Source: Joystiq

  1. Why couldn’t you have posted this ten minutes ago before I downloaded the update? :(

  2. If Sony have any sense, there will be a fix out for it promptly.

  3. My update is fine.

    In fact every update of mine is fine and my PS3 has been running fine since 9.30am on launch day when it was first switched on!

    I think some like to exaggerate these problems due to the competitions very public hardware reliability shortcomings…

    • avatar Anonymous

      Do you work for sony? Well all i can say is mine is freezing as well so obviously something is wrong…

  4. avatar Mister Fisterbuht

    mine is freezing like crazy. shit sux..

  5. avatar genocide

    ive been having major problems with the update its causing my console to freeze and it dosnt show my frinds list6 like as soon as i sign into my psn it signs me out i really hope playstation finds a solution for this problm

  6. avatar swatching_that

    I’m getting freezing problems with gta IV (So far…). It’s normally when I get a friend notification or some sort, like a message or someone signing in/out

  7. avatar Kris

    The claims of the update screwing up Uncharted is no joke. I have NEVER had a freezing problem in any game or anything with the PS3. I updated my firmware to sync my trophies or something and no sooner did I do this five minutes later Uncharted starts to freeze randomly within about ten minutes. I haven’t had any real other major freezing problems with any other games yet, though I don’t have to many. From what I read it has to do with the autosaving process and how it reacts to Uncharted. All I know is even though Uncharted is one hell of a game and I love it, it has been a pain in the butt lately. First I find out that even though the game acknowledges that I earned pretty much every trophy besides Crushing, which I am 80% done with, the PS3 says I have only completed 33% of them. OH JOY now I need to go back through and re earn them…Oh wait I can’t because of this new patch =| Excuse the QQ In short this new patch is Fn annoying.

  8. avatar Yiazmat

    This latest update is terrible. My ps3 console keeps freezing, and when i’m on the internet browser (too lazy to turn my laptop on) it freezes constantly. It’s really getting on my nerves right now. I really hope they fix it soon…

  9. avatar Len

    If you reboot by holding on button until you hear 2 beeps anf follow on screen directions go to scan hard drive it will find corrut files and repair them mine works perfect after doing this good luck

  10. avatar elijah

    sony fuck everything i got 2 games gta and uncharted both keep freezing im givin it 1 more week and im takin this shit back and gettin controller dont work either

  11. avatar Len

    Those cocksuckers better fix this shit imediately!

  12. avatar uncharted freezing

    im recording the game in Uncharted but i cant pass the damn chapter 1 because it was freezing in some scene on the game.. please sony fix this problem..

  13. avatar Sony fs up again

    I think sony did this for the fact the they new some peoples syestem was going the freeze. so why not make them buy the new ps3 slim. sony stop messing up updates geeseh

  14. avatar Whatever

    Downloaded the new update in order to play Guitar Hero 5 and it freezes constantly. Plus, it won’t read the disks anymore. Sony says to send it in (because it’s still under warranty) but I’m sure they’ll send me some bogus refurbished on. I’ll be sure to mark my initials on the bottom to insure I get the same damn one back!!

  15. avatar king_jokera93

    conveniently after installing this shitty update, my playstation recognizes that a disc is in it twice but gives me an error both times i try to start it, now it won’t even recognize the disc is there and all i can do is clown around on playstation home. which is also a waste of video game programming. sony, you suck, fix your shit.

  16. avatar xX__Maeson__Xx

    Ever since the update my system has not been loading any submenu items including games. However only the user name in which i downloaded the 3.0 update is effected. All other names work fine but this is the name i have the best stats on… so it sucks for me! The freezing for me occurs when i try to log out of that name. Then im just forced to shut down manually. As in the words of my Socom Helicopter pilot “You F***ed up guys, Better luck next time”

  17. avatar mike

    how do u reboot? what button do you hold down? i tryed the power button but it just beeped once and shut off.

  18. avatar mike

    yea its the update my ps3 worked fine before i downloaded it and now assasin creed, cod waw, gta, H.A.W.X. and skate 2 is freezing on me havn’t had a problem with the controllers yet though.(knock on wood)

  19. avatar ian

    i,m having freezing probs,i contacted sony and they say to reformat the hard disc
    needless to say it didn’t work and i lost loads of save data
    so i got back to them and they tell me my ps3 faulty and i need new one
    they want 110 quid for a refurb cos i’m outta warranty.
    they deny problems with 3.0 and say its coincidence mine go wrong as soon as the update out. YEH GOOD ONE SONY sorry,wasn’t born yesterday.

  20. avatar ted

    yea my controller freezes and theps3 just stops responding

  21. avatar Stuart B

    So for the last week or so my PS3 has been freezing A LOT!
    Pretty much ever since the last update.
    Now, I have never had any problems with my PS3 and it’s 2.5 years old now.
    Every game I try and play be it disc or downloaded freezes. The only one that does work is COD5 WAW.
    I emailed Sony about this problem and got told ‘your PS3 “might” need a service. WTF? It ether does or it doesn’t!!
    I asked what the service will entail, how much will it cost, how long it will take and how much shipping it too them will cost etc. And the reply I got was I need to ring and speak to a technician.
    But if there is major issues with it due to the latest update, surely it is their problem and for them to fix?
    Now if I get quoted around $110 for a refurb like ian above and I am guessing shipping it to them won’t be cheap, wouldn’t it be best to consider buying the new slim PS3?

    • avatar Mirian

      Doesn’t drinking Manhattans make you old too? The only other perosn I know that drinks them is my Grandma. I’m thinking about ordering Champagne cocktails from now on just to make sure everyone knows I’m old too. Why fight it?

  22. avatar barry

    exact same happening to me and did last year with 2.40 of course sony sat its coincedence and will send replacement for £125 i said no way.its their fault.what can i do now?

    • avatar Ivonete

      Si par le vrai vous entendez le plus re9cent alors il s’agit e0 date de : * Mais qu’est ce que vous avez tous e0 chhecerr le slogan de Sony ?!

  23. avatar crooked walker

    my ps3 freezes when signing in every time

  24. avatar barry

    sony now admit there is a problem.keep at them i ended up speakin to a supervisor who couldnt deny there is a problem.sending me a reconditioned one for free within two days free of charge.i had no warranty.

  25. avatar NICK

    Yeah when i play COD4 it freezes in the middle of the game but i’ll be able to play til the end and then it would load anymore and it freezes. I have to end game and reenter everytime. Getting on my last nerves.

  26. avatar Martin

    Same thinkg, my system hasn’t worked since Sept. 15th, right after I downloaded the update 3.0…

    Sony wants me to send it in, andfor $190 they fix it or replace…

    Glad I found this site before I bought and new one, or had it fixed…

  27. avatar Martin

    Just got off the phone AGAIN with Sony… ANd since I’m 6 months above the warranty, they’ll do NOTHING !!! $190 or 299 for a new one !!! FUCK THEM, they cause the problem, and charge everyone big money to fix or replace !!!

  28. avatar AJ

    Playstation Home IS Freezing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!PLEASE HELP MEH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • avatar Muhsina

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  29. avatar CORN_IN_MY CRAP

    Sony sucks, Xbox is worse. SONY……..FIX THIS PROBLEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. avatar Smoothdrinks

    My system is freezing also while bootup and also before loading a game. My guitar for GH5 isnt even working. The controllers and guitars are going haywire. It’s also freezing a lot on uncharted 2. GJ Sony

  31. avatar nickyc82

    uncharted 2 is unplayable! It froze within the first 10 secs and continued to until I got fed up and returned the game! The store owners could only give me store cred coz the game wasn’t the problem, the ps3 firmware was. When am i gonna be able to play this game?

  32. avatar STUCARIUS

    Same freaking thing!! I updated and now BR/SD and Game Disc will either not read or the video will freeze. With movies it seems to be running something back behind the frozen screen but you cannot see it or access it. With Games it will often come up to some stupid white screen with a instruction warning for a button and freeze.

    Also getting the pixel crawling the screen. Really weird to. At first I thought it was my 50″ Plasma but nope it is my FREAKING EXPENSIVE PS3….Of course XB360 is even worse with 3 RROD in 1 1/2 years. How do these companies get away with selling this stuff they have pushed so hard to their physical limits that they are crapping out this fast….



  33. avatar Gene

    Uncharted 2 multiplayer, the controller freezes in the middle of games

  34. avatar paul

    igot 3.01 update & call dut mod war 2 freezes soon into missions when player killed. saves seem to work but not checkpoints and missions have to restart. veteran even harder!

  35. avatar Andy

    After all the updates my 2yr old system, that has been faultless till now! But due to the update launched the same time as the brand new slim system! It now freezes after 20mins into a game!! Mainly fallout 3 so far!! Even cracked it open to clean, ventilated it and still nothing!! Glad to hear someone got a replacement but don’t think many will be as fortunate! Anyone got the number for Sony so I can try??

  36. avatar drunkenmonk

    i pay over 100 bucks to get a fix (“new” ps3) because it froze early this year and when i got it back i got the update my ps3 froze i thought it got too hot or something later when i turned it on again i put one of those floor or box fans infront of it and it stoped freezeing up for a while i dust my ps3 it should not freeze and i should not have to pay i called sony about this and i asked them if i should throw it in the trash and the “highly trained” operator told me thats “up to me” pay or trash what kind of help is that? i only have ps3 to play because xbox sucks and wii… well is not even close the a ps3s or xbox level sony please fix the problem before the media gets a hold of this and gamers start a war untill we get our money back or our free fixes when its not our fault!!! we pay alot for the ps3 and the games you could at least have free fixes we would pay shipping as long as we dont have to pay to fix your problems.

  37. avatar James

    My system has been flawless up until now. My system froze on Assassin’s Creed recently but I found info on the web that said it was probably the game (even though I installed the game patch). It played Kill Zone 2 (Sony game) just fine and then last night it hung on Red Faction Guerrilla. Stumbled on this site and am now wondering if it’s the latest firmware update. Mine’s way out of warranty so I’ll take it apart and clean out the dust and clean the dvd section up. Nothing to lose at this point…

  38. avatar Eddy

    shiit,i’d noticed when i’v updated my firmware to 3.0,when i was like playing TEKKEN 6,it’s freezing erghhhh!plus,my ps3 won’t read disc anymore!is this prob regading to the update or sumthin?i wanna play my Tekken 6 badly u cocksucker!sony,fix thisss asap!

  39. avatar Johnny

    Well…guys check this out…
    I got a 160GB PS3…did the update to 3.01…and following issues started to happen:

    1) Both of my controllers didn’t recognize…so I purchased two new ones…but guess what???…I learned that not all controllers are SONY certified…yeah…they look the same…but they are not all SONY certified…so if your controllers are freezing up after the updated…your controller is not SONY certified…you must get one that is SONY certified…

    2) I came home with TWO new controllers that are SONY certified…then I tried playing games…all of my games started to freeze after about 10-15mins of game play…I tried everything….safe mode restart, HDD re-format…nothing worked…so i even replaced my HDD…still no luck…then 3.1 update came out…updated to 3.1…thought bugs will be fixed…NOPE…still games freeze up on me after 10-15 mins of play…

    3) I emailed SONY…oh…NOTHING to do with the UPDATE…send it in for service…HMM…let me get this straight SONY…my PS 3 worked fine until the firmware upgrade…how can it not work?

    So, I am still trying to figure out how did the 3.01/3.1 FW upgrade mess up the Hardware…can Software actually make HW malfunction? Yes, of course…but can Software actually BREAK a HW? such as BDD?

    I don’t get it…how can the FW update break the Blu Ray Drive???

    I am going to spend about $120 to replace my Blu Ray Drive…if this doesn’t work…this is what WE ALL (with Firmware upgrade issues) DO:

    1) Find an outlet that will buy your games back…and try to get most for the games….($10, $20 per game???) whatever you can get fellas…

    2) Find an outlet that will buy your PS 3 Console used…or destroy it (if you have got back enough money from selling your PS 3 games)…

    3) Take the money that we got by selling the items listed above & go buy XBOX 360 or whatever you are into…and boycott SONY…

    Why do this? we must stop buying GAMES for PS 3 completely…then all the game developers will get on SONY’s case because they will not be able to get their ROI back on SONY platform…cuz SONY users are boycotting SONY…why battle SONY? i mean can we really battle SONY?…why not let them battle it out…let the game developers such as EA, Konami..etc get on SONY’s case and push them to fix the issues SONY have created…if WE STOP BUYING GAMES for PS 3…game developers will start to take action…then SONY will take action….

    PS 3 users with FW update issues…we must UNITE my friends…I don’t want to battle SONY…just STOP buying GAMES!!!

  40. avatar Deadman

    Well I got the new assassans creed and everytime I get to a sertain point in the game it will freez and I will have to restart. Tell me of much that shit sucks I just downloaded 3.5 update see if anything changes

  41. avatar Chain__Saw

    So I just did the latest update and my ps3 is doing the same as everyone else on this site. I had a new laser for my ps3 and replaced it thinking that my laser was going out for the second time but it is not my laser. I agree with johnny from above and think that we should boycott sony. I for one will NOT purchase any more games for the ps3 nor will I purchase a new one because it probably will do the same thing after a few updates since you can’t play online unless you update. I own all of the consoles and I have to say that this is a HUGE dissapointment being that sony is “supposed” to have a low failure rate. I and everyone I know are going to do the unthinkable and give up some video quality and purchase Xbox360 games. I really hope that these douchers at sony have something in store or I think that the ps3 will be the end of the road for them. F**k this $400 dollar paper weight.

  42. avatar bighen

    … yeah.. just today my fuckin ps3 started freezing and not recognizing discs.. and not just a little bit a freezing.. its constant.. i can’t do anything with it.. fuck oyu sony.. fpull up your fuckin’ socks and fix this shit

  43. avatar Killsquadron1

    im getting pissed cuz borderlands and assassins creed 2 keeps feezing up and my friend list wont show up once i start a game, also somtimes when i get on mw2 the screen freezes blank and i have to restat it.

  44. avatar mike b

    Just bought my ps3 slim a week ago froze on me the 2nd day i had it playin pro evo 2010 just put it down to being game then it happened a couple more times an then froze as i was on home!! So i thought i’d check it out to see if this was a popular problem (as it is)! So I dont see how see sony can put this problem down to it needing servicing as mines not even 2 weeks old!!!
    I no i can get it replaced just thought i’d share

  45. avatar spencer

    fuck i recently got a ps3 slim 120gb and after patching and shit it starts freezing !!!! and as many have reported its like my controller has frozen!! they better fucking fix it!!!!

  46. avatar MrKL33n802

    same freezing on codmw4 just started after downloading latest software

    • avatar Dognimon

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  47. avatar chris r

    Its the update! I played uncharted 2 for three days. Fourth day it made me upgrade. Tried to play right after upgrade it frozed. Home dvds stopped working as well.

  48. avatar kane

    when i bought tekken 6 my ps3 was upgraded to 3.01 and since then ive found that fifa 10 no longer works it either starts up and freezes at the menu or it doesnt start at all, ive tried other games and most have the same problem???
    dvds are working fine though, is this the same problem you all have??? ive had my ps3 for about 2 years and never had a prob before doing this update??

  49. avatar RMM1812

    My game frozes in the menu page.Wat do i do??Is it broken??I had never had a update problem or anything.

  50. avatar Kai

    system was occationally freezing on COD6, thought it was just that my machine is old, however i just got Borderlands, and the disc will occationally not read and the in game video freezes….. thought it was the same as the Assasins Creed issue, then discovered this site…. SCEW Sony for be such A$$holes

  51. avatar Chris

    My PS3 can only play games installed on the drive but now freezes when loading games on a disk!!!???

    Last Playstation I will ever buy if they don’t release an update soon to fix this. It froze on NInja Gaiden, Sonic, Any Call of Duty game, I reformatted but that doesn’t roll back the firmware which has been causing problems since it was updated.

  52. avatar polux06

    The problem beiing: You played mw2 (or another game) with the latess update installed on your ps3 and at some point it froze. tried pressing the PS button but nothing happened. You had to hold the power button to reset it or resolve to switch the back switch off/on. Only to get this same problem over and over again. you can t play blu ray on your ps3 and/or get the error 80010514. from time to time it will play those blu ray only to start the whole problem again.

    head here if you suffer from this:

  53. avatar Knightwalker54

    Same Problem cannot play Final Fantasy XIII since this firmware update game runs up untill after the first opening sequence up to the first boss noe of the buttion respond after that.

  54. avatar CrimsonBRonxs

    installed update from God of War 3 now my PS3 wont even play any of my games

  55. avatar LostTheGame

    My Ps3 seems to be able to play games that were installed, Final FantasyXIII, Heavy Rain, Metal Gear, Uncharted 2, yet when I played the first Uncharted. The shit freezes after like every 10 minutes.

  56. avatar ThEHERMANATOR

    HEY SONY! Good job selling your piece of shit consoles to ignorant suckers like all these people posting here. We all really appreciate spending hundreds to thousands of dollars just to keep your supposed “next generation” consoles working. So go ahead SONY, keep up the bullshit. I’ll just quit paying for your buggy systems and games. Or maybe I’ll just quit playing video games altogether. And I won’t be alone. Stop denying there is a problem, grow some balls, and fix it. And not for $180. We already paid for something that doesn’t work, so why would we send it straight back to the same fuckin monkeys (YOU,SONY) who got us into this mess?

  57. avatar proshooter_xp

    has any1 heard how to fix controller freezing issue on uncharted 2 multiplayer though!!!!!!???????

  58. avatar Wizkhalifa

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