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The Tokyo Game Show is underway and Sony has provided a reassuring update on their anticipated PS3 motion controller.

Following a press release, Sony has confirmed that the motion controller is still on track for a Spring 2010 release, but what was more intriguing was an early list of working and existing titles that will support the new technology.

You can view the list of games after the break.

  • Ape Escape (Working Title)
  • Echochrome 2 (Working Title)
  • Eccentric Slider (Working Title)
  • Sing and Draw (Working Title)
  • Champions of Time (Working Title)
  • Motion Party (Working Title)
  • The Shoot (Working Title)
  • Tower (Working Title)
  • PAIN*
  • Flower*
  • Hustle Kings*
  • High Velocity Bowling*
  • EyePet*

* Motion control function will be added by network update.

  1. LOL, form the picture it looks like a lightsaber spoon!

  2. I wonder how long until adult inspired ps3 movies start coming out…

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