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The push for an 18+ rating in video games is looking less and less likely for Australian gamers, with the outspoken South Australian Attorney-general finally voicing his opposition to such a cause.

Gamers in Australia should, by know, be able to recognize Michael Atkinson’s name when they hear it. He is a regular fixture on current affairs programs dealing with video game issues, and was a part of a controversial interview on television program Good Game, which addressed the very issues of an 18+ rating system.

“People are participating and ‘acting-out’ violence and criminal behaviour when they are playing a video game,” Atkinson said.

“It certainly does restrict choice to a small degree, but that is the price of keeping this material from children and vulnerable adults. In my view, the small sacrifice is worth it.”

Australia’s current rating system only reaches an MA15+ rating, and if an 18+ rating is not introduced, video gamers could miss out on upcoming titles such as the recently-banned Left 4 Dead 2.

Source: Games Industry

  1. My god this guy is an ignorant fool.

  2. @Owen Pretty much…I’m glad I don’t live in Australia. *_*

  3. I’ve learned a fair deal about Michael Atkinson from Yahtzee’s constant quips about him on Zero Punctuation. Checking out his Wikipedia page was very enlightening.

  4. It’s kind of stupid in the fact that people will just import games that are rated as R if they can’t buy it in Australia, so it’s really not going to change that much.

    Just makes it harder and if anything it means more overseas companies will get our money than Australian companies.

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