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Guitar Hero 5 has so far been met with critical acclaim, but the members of Nirvana do not share their blessings due to the appearance of a resurrected Kurt Cobain avatar.

Band members Krist Novoselic and Dave Grohl took issue with the fact that the avatar can be used in conjunction with any chosen song, and not just tracks written by Nirvana which they were originally led to believe, expressing that they are “dismayed and very disappointed”.

Meanwhile Courtney Love, Cobain’s widow, is also not very happy with Activision, it would seem. Following Cobain’s apparently blasphemous appearance in the game, she has taken it upon herself to sue the company, describing the stunt as “vile”. Activision were quick to have the last laugh however, after reiterating her signed contract of approval.

Source: Yahoo

  1. Well seeing Johnny Cash on drums is just as blasphemous in my opinion, if not more (but that’s because Cobain isn’t nearly as great, in my opinion) however putting Cobain in the game seemed to be a recipe for bad PR

  2. I’m really surprised that they decided to portray Kurt in this manner.

    While I’m a huge supporter of the mantra “you built the image, you became famous, deal with it”: it’s pretty darn obvious if you give two cares about music that putting Kurt in this position (or Cash, like Jordan mentioned) is going to piss off the majority of your fans.

    This is the big dichotomy between GH5 and Rock Band Beatles: RBB was quality tested by many greats who actually worked with The Beatles, and every effort was made to make the experience as authentic as possible. I doubt the GH5 devs have even seen a Nirvana concert.

  3. Plus he just LOOKS like a dink in electronic form. Everyone talking about this story has been using the image above, which only goes to reinforce what Activision has done to poor Mr Cobain.

    That said I’ve no doubt Courtney signed off on this without thinking about it, and has only now realised what she was actually signing off on :P

  4. I think Courtney signed off on it because the money was good, then realized all the controversy would be a great way to get some moral karma back from the public.

    I find it hard to believe that anyone who was involved in the decision making process was actually surprised at the outcome.

  5. I hate the fact that celebrities are invading the once pure realm of video games. It was bound to happen once people realised the money that could be made.

  6. He’s dead, not like it’s gonna hurt his feelings! :P

    Seriously though, I’m more concerned with the Johnny Cash portrayal than anything else, but it shows naivety on the part of the artist’s estates more than anything.

  7. Surprising how few lawsuits Hendrix caused in World Tour, now that I think about it. I mean if you’re talking important musicians, I’d put Hendrix and Cash over Cobain any day :P

    Now to shoop a picture of the “Tango and Cash” to read “Hendrix and Cash”. I’m the greatest sequel writer of all time!

  8. @Matty W
    I’d put Hendrix over nearly everyone in the industry.

  9. Hendrix didn’t rap to Beastie Boys. He played his song this disappeared in a puff of smoke.

    Love and Co. just feel that Kurt, in GH5, has become everything he fought against. The same industry that led him to his tragic end are now making money off his estate with his resurrected digital corpse…

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