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Modern Warfare 2

As of the date of this post there are exactly 69 days left before Modern Warfare 2 comes out.  As we get closer to this extremely anticipated release, Infinity Ward is sure to unveil more information about the game, but so far details concerning the multiplayer portion have been scarce.  What the company has allowed is little snippets of footage to be released here and there to prepare your itchy trigger finger for action. 

Well the time has come to watch another exciting 2 minutes of intense multiplayer footage.  Hit the jump to feast your eyes on this glorious video.

I want to say more about what you are about to watch, but it really just speaks for itself.  What is evident is that all the intensity and action from the first game has been carried over to this new one.  I personally don’t think that November 10th can get here fast enough.  When it does, you can be sure the only place you’ll find me is on the virtual battlefields of Modern Warfare 2.


  1. WOW! but now I need new pants :(

  2. I know I’m in the minority here but I’m sick of MW2.

    I have no real desire to play it. I don’t know why I feel the need to say it but I do. So there.

    Is it possible I’m burned out on “shooty, shooty, headshot” games?

  3. It’s not just you Grahame. I know a lot of people who are majorly burned out on first person shooters right now. I’m a little sick of them myself, but I’m going to make an exception for MW2. Those guys at Infinity Ward know that the hell they are doing, and I have faith they will get this one right.

  4. I was already going to buy it, but now I guess I’ll get two.

  5. avatar cody

    mw2 is going to be intense

  6. avatar ERB

    hey grahame suck my balls its better that any other game so ahahah fag

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