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Avatar ImageNew Crackdown 2 Screenshots
By: | September 24th, 2009
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Microsoft, still trying to make their presence felt in Japan, have unveiled new Crackdown 2 screenshots at this years Tokyo Game Show. Its also good to see that those devilish orbs are back, and this time (to save everyones sanity), appear to be at least a little easier to find.

Hit the break for the surprisingly bloody goodness.

As a huge fan of the original, I’m glad that Microsoft stuck with the series, as Crackdown 2 will give me all the more reason to tear my hair out over those last few orbs.

  1. Is it the same exact city? The header screen looks like the place where you kill the Russian in the factory.

  2. avatar Phil

    I think that it is the original city from the first game, but time has passed and a virus has been unleashed. I cant wait, mutant-zombie fun !!!

  3. avatar website design

    Crackdown 1 was so much fun, although a little repetitive. I bet they improve on it and make this one even better.

  4. avatar Keltic Rage

    Yes, they’ve said it was Pacific City, sure there will be minor changes though.

  5. I guess i should pick up the first one sometime soon…

  6. avatar Alejandra

    Yay for your bday month!!! August was great but I’m ready to get back to shocol- it just means that I’ll be done sooner Lindsay@ In Sweetness and In Health recently posted..

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