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If you haven’t heard of 3D Dot Game Heroes, imagine the original Legend of Zelda game… then pop it up into three dimensions, and don’t change anything else. Taa-daa! You have an upcoming PS3 game that’s on a lot of gamers’ radars.

From Software (the guys that made Demon’s Souls) have produced their next masterpiece, and the new trailer will make you love with a passion you haven’t felt since 1986! You know – when Zelda first came out. Of course.


3D Dot Game Heroes pops into Japan’s welcoming hands in November, but there’s still no U.S. release due to lack of a publisher. Come on, game devs! Atlus? An ever-more-friendly EA? Working Designs? Someone needs to localize this! It’s just so… cool.

Source: YouTube

  1. Avatar Image Ian

    they need a new translator…

  2. All your Engrish are belong to us!

  3. avatar Bryan McKinney

    Whoa that’s pretty cool. Ha you weren’t kidding about the original Legend of Zelda

  4. avatar Dinesh

    No, Sammi. The wording (but not the cloztaaiiatipn and punctuation) in the original is okay as it is.If you do not know why your calf is hurting, don’t use a massager/vibrator on it to relieve that pain. The pain might be caused by a blood clot, and a massager/vibrator could knock that baby loose, leading to a stroke.

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