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One of the Netherlands’ biggest game retailers will not be selling the PSP:Go. Nedgames, a leading retailer has refused to sell the handheld and gives the reasons why on it’s front webpage.

Translation of the comments on their website reveals the following reasons, after the jump.

- The higher retail price

-The lack of choice between a downloadable and a physical product, limiting consumer choice.

-No market for games exchange, reducing the ability of consumers to pick up a bargain

-No ability to import games

Nedgames go on to say that they will still, strongly support the PSP 3000, and that they hope people understand their decision. Most of the reasons it give seem to be focus on talking about the consumer, but undoubtedly the choice comes because selling the PSP:Go actually limits the income a company can receive from Sony’s handheld due to the fact that the games would be downloaded from PSN as apposed to bought in a store.

This sets what might be seen as a dangerous precedent for other companies to follow, after all, the reception for the PSP:Go has been far from overwhelming. If other companies decide that the PSP:Go isn’t viable commercially, it is possible that Sony will suffer some big setbacks in its attempt to conquer the handheld market.

  1. This doesn’t surprise me, considering I forecasted this in my PSP Go editorial a while back.

  2. avatar kwonstein

    The first two reasons I’m skeptical of. Retailers carrying about high price of a product it’s selling… it’s hard for me to buy that. and as for the no choice deal, well, they’re still selling PSP 3000s so technically there would be a choice for consumers to either go physical or digital. The big issue is in the used games market where NedGames and many other game stores have a lot of stake to lose. And for retailers like this, that’s def a valid reason to object to selling PSP Gos.

  3. I’m still getting a PSPgo. Actualy I girlfriend just prepurchased me one for our anniversary, so I’ll get getting it the day it comes out. :-)

  4. @kwonstein
    As someone who used to see the books at retail in terms of game console margins: it can go as low as $5-$10 profit rates.

    So I can see why any retailer wouldn’t want to stock the PSP-GO: there’s no point.

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