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Episode 17

It’s that time again. Join Josh, Chase, Chris and Paul as they continue their weekly adventures through the world of gaming. On the docket this episode: An in depth discussion regarding massively multiplayer online gaming and their subscription models – free to play, pay to play, or pay as you go?

Later on in the show, the crew turns skeptical as they discuss the swarm of titles set to hit us this fall. Will Scribblenauts be all it’s cracked up to be? Can games like Brutal Legend, and Borderlands compete in a season with titles like Halo: ODST and Modern Warfare 2? All this and more – right after the jump.

Also, stay tuned for the exciting conclusion in which the guys share their criteria for the perfect game. Hint: They all have one thing in common, and surprisingly, it has nothing to do with peni.

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  1. good show,
    even if im not much of an MMO kinda guy, it was interesting to listen to. How do you not like Nathan Drake? Hes a good character.
    Id love to go a few rounds of Streat Fighter 4 with you guys, i need a good challenge!

    PSN: Xiong_Warriorzz

  2. @xiong
    Haha, I did like Nathan Drake, like I stated, but I can see people not liking him.

    My PSN is Magnalon: I’m not on too often due to site work, but somewhere down the line I’d be up for some SFIV. Spoiler: Despite my love for fighting games, I’m not very good yet!

  3. Great cast, guys. Have to agree with Chris on the future success of The Old Republic, despite WoW’s massive appeal.

  4. Nah, the big success will be APB, tell your friends.

  5. Blizzard should start paying me.

  6. @Josh: I’m sorry to say that the game that comes closest to your “White Whale” game is Battlecruiser 3000AD. Unfortunately that is still a pretty old game, and was most definitely a niche title. I know there were people who absolutely loved it, but they were few and far between. The industry simply just does not make a game like you are describing anymore. The old X-Wing/Tie Fighter and Freespace games are the closest we ever got besides BC 3000AD.

    @Chris: I’m glad to hear that by the end of GTA4 you actually started liking it a lot. I absolutely loved that game.

    @Everyone: If I had to describe my perfect game, it would definitely be an open world space simulator game. I absolutely loved Wing Commander Privateer and it’s spiritual sequal, FreeLancer. Take that and mix it with the RPG story telling and 3rd person shooting of Mass Effect, to create the most in-depth space game ever created. I’m pretty sure I’m really going over board here, but that is my perfect game.

  7. @Josh
    If Bioware will pay Chase and I, I can dig it.

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