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Episode 16

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Chris and Paul rejoin Josh and Chase for this week’s Limitcast, in which the crew attempts to decipher the overarching, overwhelming, and perhaps even overrated storyline in Hideo Kojima’s Metal Gear Solid series.

In addition to discussions regarding Arkham Asylum and Demon’s Souls, we touch briefly on the topic of Heroes of Newerth – a highly anticipated Defense of the Ancients clone that’s caught the attention of much of the Gamer Limit staff.

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  1. Great podcast guys. Paul, Josh, and Chase definitely seemed to gang up on Chris there toward the end. Poor guy. I felt bad for him as you all bashed his opinions of Kojima and Japanese games into the ground.

  2. Haha I love being on the other side of a debate, generally. Pushing forward, I’m happy to defend Eastern games!

  3. True story about Gamer Limits Paul Clark & Kojima

    While at San Diego comic con in 2008 while on the way into the main hall we are approached at the elevator by a rep for Kojima who informs us that he is outside on the balcony taking questions.

    I turn to Paul who is studying video game design and ask if he wants to go out side and check it out

    “Fuck that guy!” and he proceeds to walk into the main hall.

  4. avatar Xiong_Warriorzz

    First time listener here and i can say that i like the show, you guys got good podcast chemistry, keep it up. My only gripe would be how wrong you guys could be about the mgs series, well not wrong but misslead. The AC¡D series were not made by Kojima, the Twin Snakes version was done by Silicon Knights in which Kojima had only a little to do with and the scenes where Directed by the guy who did the Japan cult movie VERSUS; Who also did the choreagraphy for games like DMC3 and 4, you see the connections? MGS4 is convoluded to those who dont understand the MGS series as a whole. Id say whole heartly that if you havent played mgs3, then you wont enjoy 4. SPOILER AHEAD without having any connections with the characters in 3, you wont appreciate 4: Paramedic = Dr. Clark, Sigint = Armstech Chief, Major Zero = The Patriots. Id go more indepth as to why but maybe in an email. MGS4 is fan service written all over it, from long codec to long cinematic to comedic relief. Johny doesnt have SOP. ill email the rest lol

  5. avatar Xiong_Warriorzz

    PS; Where the heck do i send an email to? lol im new to this site.

  6. @Xiong
    “The AC¡D series were not made by Kojima”

    I said that! :D

    In regards to my comments on the cutscenes in Twin Snakes, this is the press release at the announcement of the game:

    “Twin Snakes was first announced in 2003 by Nintendo of America, confirming that Silicon Knights would be developing under the guidance of legendary developers, Metal Gear creator Hideo Kojima and Mario creator Shigeru Miyamo its cut scenes were developed in-house at Konami and directed by Japanese film director Ryuhei Kitamura, reflecting his dynamic signature style, utilizing bullet-time photography and choreographed gunplay extensively. Kitamura created many of the games cinematics to look identical to those in the original Metal Gear Solid, but upon inspection Hideo Kojima had him redo them.”

    What I was referring to is despite the fact that Kojima didn’t direct the new scenes, he certainly had a say in them, and chose to go forward.

    Thanks a ton for your comments, by the way – we’re glad you enjoyed the show. Please register and grab an avatar; we’d love to hear you input in the future.

  7. avatar Xiong_Warriorzz


    Good points. I hated how twin snakes was redone. If Kojima had to redo them… i shutter at the thought of the original direction… :(
    Well back on subject, mgs4 has fan service written all over it, if you missed/didnt enjoy the originals then itll be pretty hard to understand mgs4. My point being is that without know parts/scenes from previous itll be kinda hard to find any of the characters(Eva, Zero, Naomi, Otacon, etc.) to be compeling. Damn! I gata send in a Email lol! I know you guys arent bashing the game, its that i dont like how you guys left the subject. I gave my buddies a listen, and they agreed. It felt… to negative. Its like if i said Halo had horrible back tracking, and then i talked about nothing else but how bad it is. I hope i come off clear, and not like a raging fanboy lol.

    Any ways, keep up the good work fellas

    PS: do you guys have a direct download link/rss feed? i dont have an ipod.

  8. @Xiong
    The RSS is now posted below the embed :D

    I do agree that I was alone in defending Metal Gear, but that’s part of the allure of the show, haha. To their credit, no one else was really a die hard fan like me.

  9. Next time Chris, I’m backing you up. These other guys don’t know crap. :P

  10. avatar Xiong_Warriorzz

    Wow! you guys work fast, thats dedication right there! lol some of my buddies are like that to, the thought Naked Snake and Solid Snake was the same person! Another actually thought Naked Snake took a time machine to the future… >_>

    any ways you guys do a great job. ill be looking foward to listining on the next show.

  11. avatar Anonymous

    Great cast guys, as always.

    After taking a look at Heavy Rain, I’m pretty sure that’s the title that will convince me to get my own PS3.

  12. ^That was I^

    Upping your comment count, oh jeah.

  13. first podcast i’ve listened to the entire way through, thats saying alot for me

  14. I know what you mean Simon, there’s some big games out on the PS3 that make me eager to play them (i.e. Little Big Planet and Uncharted) but in terms of games I would buy the system to play, Heavy Rain is way up there, I’m pumped for that game.

  15. avatar Sean

    Cool Podcast. As for GTA4, I haven’t gotten that far into it, maybe like 12 missions? What made the game impressing is the online game play, I’d wish they improve on it on a larger, easy to manage system. Who wouldn’t want to play zombie mode in Liberty City?

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