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Episode 15

Tune in to this week’s LimitCast as special guest Nelson from Pixelated Geek joins Josh, Chase, and Shawn for an innuendo fueled ride through all things gaming. This week’s topics include Arkham Asylum, Shadow Complex, and even a bit of shameless self promotion.

Later in the show, Nelson walks the rest of the crew through his experiences attending this year’s Blizzcon, subsequently spawning hefty discussions regarding Cataclysm, Diablo 3, and of course Starcraft 2.


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  1. A forewarning: We get a little rowdy this week.

  2. That just might be the greatest LimitCast intro ever!

  3. Awesome cast, guys. Nelson’s Blizzcon input was great, as was Chase’s mouth.

  4. Haha great podcast. Hilarious and informative.

  5. NO! No, no and no! No Batman Beyond game, Batman Beyond is poo. Apparently all you need to be Batman is dead parents, that’s all that guy has. Bruce Wayne trained for years, that guy stumbles into a mansion. I know where I think Rocksteady should go with their next Batman title, and it is nowhere near Batman Beyond.

  6. @Paul Clark

    Give me Batman: Gotham City, with the Two-Face kingpin storyline for their second effort.

    THEN, give me a Nightwing game. I’ll buy two of each!

  7. /beats dead horse
    OOOKKKK so for SC2 Lan play.. Really don’t worry about it.. I’m sure someone will make a hack for LAN play. Or just do what they did for WoW and have private severs. Hell you could probably run a mini bnet server at your house if it was just for 30-40 people. I’m sure they’ll come up with a dozen ways around this.

  8. avatar Nelson (PixelatedGeek)


  9. Nelson tells it like it is.

  10. Nice job as always, guys, but what’s happened to Kelso? Will he be returning to hosting duties?

  11. @Jack
    Unfortunately, Steve left the show due to personal issues at home, but expect big things for the podcast in the future, and thanks for listening :D

  12. avatar JONELL

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