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Avatar ImageIndie Spotlight Review: Meteor Blitz
By: | September 30th, 2009 | iPhone
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Every now and then, the App Store graces us with a sleeper hit. These hidden gems are something that should be praised verdantly; allowing for them to get the attention they so rightly deserve. Alley Labs’ Meteor Blitz is undoubtedly one of these hits.

Following the same game mechanics as that of Super Stardust HD for the PS3, Meteor Blitz is a high quality, dual stick space shooter for the iPhone and iPod Touch. And at a reasonable price of $1.99 you can’t overlook this as your next App Store purchase.

Meteor Blitz offers both Arcade and Survival modes. While fighting your way through 6 different worlds, each containing 5 stages, Arcade mode provides the perfect amount of challenge and strategy.

The strategy comes into play by utilizing the projectile weaponry which best weakens the meteor or enemy approaching you. The weaponry available to you includes a flamethrower, ice cannon, plasma gun, gravity gun, and bombs.

If faced with an ice meteor, the flamethrower is the most effective. A fire meteor, the ice cannon is most effective. Pretty simple right?


One of the first things that you will notice when picking up this game is the smooth controls. The left analog stick controls the spaceship, while the right analog stick controls the direction of the weapon.

Should you need to switch your weapon, a button directly above the right analog stick provides seamless access to the weapon needed in any tight situation. Should you find yourself in an almost impossible situation, a shake of the iPhone will set off your screen clearing bomb. Alternatively, you can use a speed boost by double tapping the left analog stick. However, try not to rely completely on the bomb and speed boost as there are only 3 bombs available, and speed boost requires a 5 second recharge after use.

When an enemy or meteor is destroyed, a ring is left behind. Collecting these rings will provide you with a fantastic replay element all shooters should have: weapon upgrades. These weapon upgrades can be accessed anytime during gameplay by pressing the pause button in the upper right corner and choosing upgrades.  The many upgrades available to you will keep you playing more, providing only one element in Meteor Blitz’s fantastic replay value.


Should Arcade mode not be enough, Survival mode allows for endless replay value as you are given three lives to last as long as you can, while battling for that new high score. Scores for both Arcade and Survival mode can be saved both locally and globally, as most iPhone games do these days. However, Meteor Blitz also provides real time global rank as you play, which is an excellent touch to keeping players pushing forward.

If gameplay, controls, and replay value isn’t enough for you, just know that a space shooter has never looked so beautiful on this handheld device. The smooth and detailed animations in Meteor Blitz are spot on. An overwhelming amount of detail went into every element of this game and graphics is only one of them.

And for those that find themselves immediately attached to anything with a little achievement popup, look no further. With a little over 25 achievements, ranging anywhere from completion of a world to accumulating 500,000 rings, Alley Labs has added yet another addictive element of replayability to this $1.99 gem.


Surprisingly enough, it is the small things, which some may overlook, that impressed me the most. Despite the fact the soundtrack in this game is extremely limited, this is quickly forgotten as players can play songs from the iPod while blowing up meteors and speed bursting through space. And my personal favorite, the auto pause feature. Should your fingers be lifted from the screen at any time, Meteor Blitz will automatically pause the game.

Compliments have been had, praises have been sung. Meteor Blitz is everything I look for in an iPhone game. An addicting, deep, fun game that allows me to enjoy any short gaming session I have available to me during my busy day.

With Arcade and Survival modes, achievements, and real time global rank, I have found my new iPhone gaming addiction. Add to that the fact that Meteor Blitz saves your progress when exiting the game, thus allowing you to bring up the game and jump right back in, and you have the pinnacle of iPhone gaming.

I have high hopes for Alley Labs and pray they continue gracing us with their creations.

Buy it now!  StoneLoops! of Jurassica

Meteor Blitz – 9.5/10

  1. I’m going to have to pick up an iPhone or an iPod touch as some point, as the games are getting pretty good.

  2. This looks amazing! Shmups for pennies = iPhone.

  3. I even forgot to talk about bonus items! Bonus containers will appear randomly. When destroyed they will drop a shield, bomb, ring magnet, or an extra life.

    The shield is something you start out with. Should you be hit once, your shield is destroyed. The next hit will kill you.

    A day hasn’t passed where I haven’t played it since I got it. Get it already! :)

  4. avatar Laraztsatie

    Shatters easily, just get a case and you will be fine.. I ve had a bunch of fndires with IPhone 4 s and they have a cracked screen Because they didn’t have a case!!!! But mine didnt crack because i have a case!!!!! And i always drop mine so, Hope i helped Good Luck!!!

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