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Today brings some sad news to the gaming world. Independent developer BottleRocket (Xiaolin Showdown, Rise of the Kasai) has closed shop for good. According to studio founder Jay Beard, “After fighting to keep the doors open for the past six months we have decided to close and move on.”

This past year was particularly rough on BottleRocket. The developer was working on a title based on the DC Comics character The Flash, but when publisher Brash went under, BottleRocket was left with an incomplete and unfunded game. Also, this past year BottleRocket was working on the upcoming horror brawler Splatterhouse, but when Namco decided to finish up development internally BottleRocket was left behind.

Beard reflected on his company, saying “BottleRocket was in business for seven years and I feel that we developed a sound reputation for quality and creativity. I was once told that we ‘zigged while others zagged,’ and I like to think that we shall be remembered this way.”

While this is sad news, there is some light at the end of the tunnel. Jay Beard is currently “in the process of building a new development studio from the ground up.” Hopefully everything will work out for Jay Beard and his employees.


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