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Ferrari damage

Following a hands on report from IGN, it looks as if damage will be applicable to every car in GT5 after all.

Previously, the developers implied that only race cars will suffer damage, but this is still partially true as the damage applied to the remaining cars will be seemingly limited to bodywork scratches. Racing cars however will include detachable panels, but every car in the game will still have mechanical damage. It was also confirmed that damage is still work in progress, so hopefully the final product will have a more extensive damage model when GT5 is released next March.

You have to wonder though – is this limited damage a result of time constraints or the manufacturers refusal to allow their cars to be damaged so thoroughly? With Forza 3′s damage modelling also coming under fire, I’m going for the latter. You can make up your own mind however by watching a new gameplay video of GT5′s damage after the break.

Source: IGN

  1. I watched these damage videos the other day, and I have to admit that Polyphony Digital has done a great job making the damage look good. The more I see of this game, the more excited I get.

  2. avatar Joe

    No dentations. Looks poor.

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