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A tribute video showcasing the new Ferrari 458 Italia has been released, which serves the double purpose of advertising Ferrari’s new motor and Polyphony’s stunningly realistic graphics engine. But that’s not all, as the developers of the upcoming Forza 3 have also come up with a tribute video of their own for the same car.

And that is all that needs to be said on this occasion, other than the fact that the videos are breathtakingly beautiful in every way.

You can salivate over the remaining tribute after the break. Let the fanboy’s war over which looks superior commence!

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Source: GT Planet

  1. GT for me.

    That video was downright sexy, plus it had a better trance tune too I thought.

  2. Af far as videos go, the Gran Turismo one was much better, and had prettier graphics.

  3. Gran Turismo has been going downhill, but its still my favorite.

  4. @Chris: I will argue all day that Forza is better then Gran Turismo, for lots of reasons. However, I still think GT has the better graphics, and this video proves it.

  5. With over 10 years of experience, you would hope GT5 would have better graphics. But Forza 3 seems to be holding its own and has better features, in some regards.

  6. I’ll always love GT, it has something many games strive for, distinction.

    There’s is nothing that is quite like GT. I grew up with the series so I guess I’ll always go for it before anything else.

  7. avatar Dirk

    All the videos prove is that both games will look great. As far as comparing the graphics based on the YouTube videos it is in no way a fair comparison since the GT 5 version is linked to a High-Definition and Forza 3 version is not. I have seen High Definition versions of Forza 3 and they look just as good if not better than the GT 5 version shown here.

  8. avatar cj

    compraing graphics based on you tube?… dont wate your time..

  9. MMM the 458! Makes me want to sell my Porsche for a down payment on one lol.

  10. avatar GON


  11. avatar Globals

    all good things

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