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In a quite frankly disappointing announcement, Gran Turismo 5′s release date for Japan has been announced during Sony’s Tokyo Game Show conference for March 2010.

We were previously led to believe that it would be released by the end of this year, presumably for a Christmas release – in fact it quite clearly stated in a printed advertisement at the GamesCom event that GT5 would be with us Q4 2009. I can only imagine the glum faces of the attendees.

So there you go, GT5 once again feels far out of reach just as I was starting to get excited, but at least we have a more concrete release date to savour. But then American and European release dates have yet to be announced, so we can only hope that there will be a worldwide release.

Source: GT Planet

  1. Chris or Chase correct me if I’m wrong, but I’m almost positive that they said that GT5 would be hitting the same time as the PSPGo! at the E3 Sony press conference. Sad news.

  2. Correction, that was the PSP version. My bad.

  3. Oopsy, but dang thats still a long wait.
    Better be worth it

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