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  1. avatar Melanie

    I thought sony took out the bwcdaarks compatability from the PS3′s for two reasons. One being that it was a really expensive component for the system, and two being that the PS2 was still selling really really well. So I guess in their own way they were being crafty. Making you either have to keep your old PS2 or buy a new PS2 with your PS3 just to pay your old games? Either way, it makes more money for them. No console is meant to last forever, even the most well taken care of. When it all comes down to it, people are still purchasing the PS2 so see no reason to add the software to the PS3. While this is a major inconvenience, I don’t see them ever making another PS3 console with bwcdaarks compatability. So it looks like I won’t be buying one til theres a major price drop in consoles, as people on auctions sites have jacked up the prices on earlier bwcdaarks compatible models. Maybe, just maybe, if the PS2 sales and PS3 sales suddenly durastically drop, there will be a chance sony will have to add this aoftware again, but I highly doubt this will happen. I for one wouldn’t mind paying extra for the bwcdaarks compatability feature. If people want it so much, and are willing to pay for seperate consoles with it, why not have two versions of a console? One for serious gamers of all generations of consoles, and one for recreational. Although I see where sony went with this, I feel they let their followers down with this decision. Lets home they realease a new console!

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