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Valve set out with a very simple goal in mind when creating the new Crash Course download content pack for Left 4 Dead: to create a simple, short, all inclusive campaign that all types of gamers can enjoy.

If you’re a PC gamer, you can snatch this content up absolutely free of charge. For all of those poor souls whose Left 4 Dead console of choice is the 360, be prepared to fork over 560 Microsoftpoint($7.00). So is Crash Course worth your hard earned cash? To be blunt, it depends.

The new campaign starts out in a fairly comical way, with Zoey shooting the helicopter-pilot-turned-zombie, causing the gang to subsequently crash land into an infested area: cue suspense! After that bit, the progression is fairly standard as you make your way through the streets of Crash Course’s city-like layout.

The actual map layouts are basically a combination of the best parts of “No Mercy” and “Blood Harvest”, including a healthy doses of open combat and maze-like corridors. While the actual difficulty of the maps are a bit above average, Valve has really stepped up the amount of pickups found during the course of the campaign.

While playing a standard campaign level, you’d probably only see a few weapon stops tucked away in a corner somewhere: you might even miss them. But in Crash Course, they’re all over the place, and sometimes right out in the open. In fact, you’ll find a second pistol upgrade, and various grenade pickups almost immediately, which is usually uncharacteristic of the game.

Other than a small area that requires you to shoot an artillery gun to access a bridge, Crash Course’s first stage is pretty standard fare, but the second level happens to be extremely challenging. In order to escape, you have to power up a generator in the middle of a zombie rushdown, making teamwork essential. In fact, I’d go so far as to say this finale is tied with “Blood Harvest” as my personal favorite.


While the two included levels are decent, they only took me thirty minutes to complete. Now, while Valve has already stated it would be this short, its a bit different to actually drop $7 and nearly be finished with it faster than it downloaded.

Thankfully, where Left 4 Dead shines is its replayability thanks to versus mode, and I have confidence that fans will enjoy the various hiding spots to utilize as infected. There are a whole host of nooks and elevated spots that would be excellent for a Smoker in wait, which makes for a ton of fun. As the survivors, you’ll also find there’s more spaces for you to climb up and defend yourself against the infected horde: an addition which is greatly appreciated.

All in all, Crash Course is about what you’d expect. It doesn’t do anything absolutely spectacular, and is more of a summation of various parts of Left 4 Dead’s other campaigns. If you’re a hardcore Left 4 Dead fanatic, you’ll want to grab this pack with no questions asked, but casual fans may be put off at the lack of value for a $7 purchase.

Gamer Limit gives Crash Course a 7/10.

  1. Great review! Personally I love Crash Course, but then again I’m a total Valve fanboy… also getting for free on the PC makes it all the more better.

    • avatar Edward

      - Great work, it’s like the best stuff about old school home mevois mixed with totally current beautiful videography.on a side note, I remember making a joke about Jonas and groupies in NYC I didn’t realize it was true!! I caught that bit on the dance floor

  2. I totally forgot that this was coming out this week, I’ll have to play it with my friends tonight.

  3. Thanks for the review Chris! Just like Colin, I totally forgot this was coming out this week.

    I’m really glad I only buy all my Valve games on the PC. Free is always the perfect price. :-)

  4. I’m buying L4D PC just so I can play this without giving M$ my points.

  5. Left 4 Dead:PC is $15 for a few days. If your computer can run it, grab it!

    • avatar Juan

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  6. Sweet! I forgot this came out today. Definitely doing to download.

  7. I love L4D on the PC so much, many good memories of zombie horror.

  8. avatar Frown

    I love this game. Why did it treat me bad?

    • avatar Kristi

      Praise the Lord for all things esacieplly for the success of your surgery! So glad you are back home and doing better! We’ll continue to pray for you as you recuperate.

  9. avatar design

    I thought this felt like a half-ass attempt at creating a campaign. I dont want to bash anyone who creates their own levels for L4D, because what I have seen the work and skill the users have done is outright amazing, but this felt like a noob created this level. There was nothing really to it. It felt bland and it felt like it lacked the luster that the other campaigns offered. I understand it was going to be short, but come on, 2 levels?!?! The openness of the game would be good for VS, but to play through it in a campaign was pretty boring.

  10. avatar ice beeg graab

    i love it!

  11. avatar Eric

    I’m happy to have new Left 4 Dead content, just not totally stoked that Crash Course is it. I wrote about the Crash Course DLC here, but it just surprises me that full-time Valve employees fell short where guys who work on mods/campaigns in their free time can make excellent 5-chapter campaigns. I’m not buying the “we always had this in development” story…but I’m still buying Left 4 Dead 2. What does that say about me?

    • avatar Marie

      - Hi! I am a big fan of your sit and always check out your work! I have to let you know that I thouhgt about one of your post at a wedding this weekend where I had to bring out all the stops to get that epic shot!:) Just thouhgt I let you know that even your words and most defiantly your work inspire photographers across the world! Cheers and happy shooting!

  12. avatar web

    I played it on expert last night with some friends. Took an hour and a half and I was the only survivor of the finale but it was a good time

  13. avatar Jules

    Extremely disappointing, most of the custom campaigns I played look, feel and play much better. What is Valve thinking?

  14. avatar vheenee

    i like l4d2 its new try it

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