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Okamiden, the new Okami game from Capcom, just got even cuter.  Capcom released its first trailer for the world to see at this year’s Tokyo Game Show.

Hit the jump to see it for yourself!

The paintbrush mechanics seem to be a perfect fit on the DS…  let’s just hope the tech isn’t broken like on the Wii version of Okami.

The game is currently about 25% complete and is expected to launch sometime in 2010.  The reason for the platform shift from the PS2/Wii to the DS is so that even more people have the chance to experience Okamiden.

The original Okami designer, Hideki Kamiya, is no longer with Capcom, and Clover Studios is likewise a thing of the past.  Let’s hope the new team can make a quality title that gets the respect and sales that the original deserved.

Source: Tiny Cartridge

  1. You just made my night. This is huge news!

  2. I almost never say this – but puppy Amaterasu is resulting in a cute overload.

  3. avatar Ferahtsu

    Rather impressive draw distance and graphics for a DS game. Me wants

  4. avatar thom

    impressed by the graphics, i was worried they would be bleh on ds. also looks like i have to buy a ds now. hopefully this sells better than okami as i loved that game and it shouldve gotten more love. i tried to spread it by buying multiple copies to let freinds borrow it, hope i dont have to do taht again

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