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Eidos appears to have laid a sneaky bat-trap, for those pesky pirates to trying to enjoy Arkham Asylum without paying.

Apparently the all-important Glide ability gets disabled if you aren’t running a legit version… As a  pirate recently found out on the forums.

Cheshirec_the_cat (The Pirate)

I’ve got a problem when it’s time to use Batman’s glide in the game. When I hold <Space> , like it’s said to jump from one platform to another, Batman tries to open his wings again and again instead of gliding. So he fels down in a poisoning gas. If somebody could tel me, what should I do there.

Keir (Eidos)

The problem you have encountered is a hook in the copy protection, to catch out people who try and download cracked versions of the game for free.

It’s not a bug in the game’s code, it’s a bug in your moral code.


Whilst we at Gamer Limit don’t condone the act of pirating games, we would certainly recommend waiting until after the game has actually been released before requesting assistance on the official forums.

Source: Eidos forums

  1. This is how to beat the pirates.

    Reminds of when Football Manager Devs made pirate copies of their game run so the team that finished bottom won the league. Imagine putting in all the hours that a season takes to find that out! Brilliant!

  2. “It’s not a bug in the game’s code, it’s a bug in your moral code.”


  3. Haha, this reminds me of a killer anti-piracy measure from Earthbound on the SNES: <– (end game spoilers)

  4. Assassin’s Creed and Mass Effect did this for the PC version as well. AC crashed at Jerusalem, and ME crashed when you opened the galaxy map.

    Does anyone remember the old PC days, where adventure games would have visual puzzles that required the instruction manual to solve?

    Early, rudimentary DRM! It was immediately defunct after the advent of internet FAQs, though: so they reverted to puzzles wheels and other ridiculous stuff.

  5. avatar jereth

    saddly some bright spark will compare the code of a legit and a cracked and un do it
    ghostbusters had imposible difficulty and it was bypassed

  6. avatar Lol

    This guy was so royally owned :P

  7. avatar the pirate king

    pirate them to hell….. wait what the is the pirate the caribbean forums…?

  8. “It’s not a bug in the game’s code, it’s a bug in your moral code.”

    Haha, ouch.

  9. avatar nadrewod

    That pirate needs a lesson on how to ask for help on a pirated game (which I would never do, as anyone who looks at my PS3 trophies (look for this name) can see, since I finished the game): 1, WAIT UNTIL THE GAME COMES OUT TO NON-PIRATES BEFORE YOU ASK FOR HELP ON THE OFFICIAL FORUM; 2, never just state your problem, add a fake story about how “my disc got scratched” (works best if you didn’t download the game with Steam (in which case there would be a virtual record of your purchase without a disc), but if you have done so, simply change the wording to “my game file got corrupted”) so that they don’t immediately see that it was an undamaged disc and a normal challenge that didn’t work right.

    • avatar Surinder

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  10. avatar ZzFDKzZ

    This problem was fix on the same day it was leaked. There’s a new crack that fixes this. So its not like Eidos won.

  11. avatar stoled

    the new crack is still bugged…multiple “off the map” grapple icons…”missing” grapple points and many ppl report “invisible walls” and “falling through the map” when fighting the boss ivy

  12. avatar Your 6th Sence

    haha thats wat u get for not buying ur own games next time ur computer breaks

  13. avatar ihatepirates

    mother fucking pirates. I am glad that game developers are doing these things to reduce piracy. every game company should do this.

  14. avatar Megatron

    Humpy Dumpy

    • avatar Rodrigo

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  15. avatar Matt

    Haha, that’s gold. There’s quite a bit more gold in that place, see this comment about a guy who is *possibly* thinking to pirate the game.

    Nemesis296: I just got confused on more than 1 level…so are you a pirate? If so, I hope your house burns down when you download the game illegally.

    Haha OWNED.

  16. avatar Hassi

    I’ve got an idea. Why don’t game developers themselves secretly release cracked versions of their own games that is totally messed up in one way or another? It would be quite funny.

  17. avatar name

    so he asks for help on the official game board when the game is not out for pc yet.
    OMFG what a idiot.
    you might as well walk up to the pri minister kidnap him take him to the police office and kill him in front of the cops.
    o yea and call the media so its video taped.
    i knew people are dumb, but come on how dumb can you be.
    hopefully eidos track his MAC address track him down and through his dumb ass in jail.

    • avatar Kolyan

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  18. avatar Sycogrim

    Hi there I am hoping the developers read these comments. I’m not complaining in anyway about the idea of cracking your games, but what i wanna know is will i for example have the same problem if I crack my original PC version when it is released??? reason why i ask this is because I would like to keep my games from getting damaged and do not want complications.

    Thanks ;)

  19. avatar dooche bag

    It’s not a bug in the game’s code, it’s a bug in your moral code…

    That is brilliant!!! You just got done son!!!!

    If anyone has ever seen the dark knight wouldnt you love for Batman to say that to a villian…I mean imagine that? It would be brilliant!!! I am loving this game for the PS3!!!! I am gliding my way through it! (Excuse the pun)

  20. avatar Enkeixpress

    Haha, That’s a pretty cool anti-measure that they’ve done.

  21. avatar STICHY911

    HAHAHA another one bats the dust….. Well done Eidos 5*!!!

  22. avatar Wwormie

    Lol. This “feature” was cracked a couple of hours after pirates encountered it. Great protection.

  23. avatar Anonymous

    Free Batman: AA DLC

  24. avatar Anonymous

    Free Batman: AA DLC
    Folks totally digging Batman’s latest adventure (and really…who’s not…???) can look forward to extending their stay at Arkham Asylum via some recently revealed downloadable content. Best of all, the DLC will apparently be FREE! This info coming via the scrolling news ticker at the bottom of Batman: Arkham Asylum’s menu screen, which states that the new content should arrive on September 17. Now, we don’t know what the new content actually is, which means it may barely be significant, but it will be SOMETHING new to add to the mix, which is cool by most accounts.

    We’ll keep you posted on DLC details as they arise.

  25. @Anonymous
    Thanks for the DLC update!

  26. avatar Anonymous

    The companies are just as much of pirates and douche bags as the hackers who steal their games. They both deserve all the bad things they get.

  27. avatar Christian

    I proudly paid money for this game and godamn it, it was worth every penny. These developers put in hundreds and hundreds of hours of hard work only to have some douchebag rip them off. Imagine working your ass off and not getting paid all that you rightfully worked…sucks, doesn’t it.

  28. avatar Anonymous

    i owned a pirated copy , and its work fine, and yeah you can glide

  29. avatar ano ny mous

    LOL it works great no problem even in ivy boss level lol

    • avatar Mina

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  30. avatar SJ

    “It’s not a bug in the game’s code, it’s a bug in your moral code.”

    Crotch Punch!

  31. avatar Tacgnol

    I downloaded the game and pirated it a week before launch, glide was not disabled, the only thing I can assume is that they have patched it since then.

  32. avatar Zix

    This wont make much of a difference really. Its just a challenge now for the hackers to make it work perfectly.

    Also the 360 version of this game is more pirated than the PC version so good luck there.

  33. avatar cart00nstrip

    “Also the 360 version of this game is more pirated than the PC version so good luck there.”

    Actually, my buddy downloaded this copy. Didn’t work for him. Personally, I like the idea of better games being developed, so I’m all for buying games legally. Pirates just make it harder for developers to justify creating new IPs. Have fun destroying the industry we all love so much, you ignorant buggerers!

    • avatar Anita

      16ac335faI have to let you know this is outstanding cotennt. Articles like this are few and far between. You have really done your research. It’s nice to know you care about your presentation. Thank you. 151

  34. avatar PC Advocate

    LOL this pirate scum is so stupid and now he owned.

  35. avatar anonymous

    haha there will be a fix soon, just like in AC and mass effect plus if you want to get pirated games i advise you to get the 360.
    hey i don’t appreciate piracy but where i live it is legal and not originals.
    to play online i had to order games from usa. but now i got a 360 all pirated and online.

  36. avatar Anonymous

    you all are noobs.
    noone of you has ever played a cracked game … yeah ..
    who believes …


    someone pay for stupid games .. others not
    thats life

    goes back to your mums

  37. avatar anonymous

    some games deserve to pay for but some not

  38. avatar Limanima

    There’s a simple way to stop piracy: just stop making games for the PC.
    The majority of PC gamers are pirates, the minority of console gamers are pirates. Problem solved. As for those anonymous kids that are posting stupid comments: grow up, get a job, buy games.

  39. avatar DD

    well for Cheshirec_the_cat (The Pirate) all he needs to do is use his remote batarang to hit the fan control that will remove the gas. At least thats what i did the glide ability wasnt really needed to get to the next platform while the gas was there.

    • avatar Vinay

      Ravi can open an blog aggregator like Tamilmanam and ban all sites conimg from Malaysia, Singapore or anywhere, and allow only those blogs which sing the glory of things he likes very much.Hi, that time its only few 100 people blogged. and i was telling about the IP’s registered in that particular location where he worked, works now.

  40. avatar Matt


    That’s all that needs to be said.

  41. avatar skyline

    meh, been cracked already now.

    • avatar Alisha

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  42. avatar Reda

    Its been cracked already.

    Eidos YOU just got OWNED by the pirates!!!

  43. avatar Just asking

    So let me get this straight. Eidos itself leaks the game with this glitch on it, and it’s fixed in a few hours after it has been first encountered? So in the end we’re left with a working copy of the game, released by Eidos itself. So, how exactly is this a victory for Eidos? I know I won’t buy any more Eidos games than before and a lot of those who tested this version will probably think more carefully before buying the game.

    • avatar Open

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  44. avatar Jamie

    Why do you think this was this leaked BY Eidos? That makes no sense whatsoever.

    Also, for anonymous, who wonders why we PAY for games:
    How do you think games are made? For free? The developers need cash – obviously – to create the game. And once it’s out – if no one buys it, WE DON’T GET A SEQUEL!

    Thankfully, Rocksteady have all-but-confirmed that a sequel will be made, so all’s well.

  45. avatar HAN

    finished PC version it 3 days ago…
    Eidos gets pwned.

  46. avatar HAN

    finished PC version 3 days ago…
    Eidos gets pwned.

  47. avatar Anonymous

    A lot of people download pirated games because they want to try it out BEFORE they BUY it. So whats the big deal!!! Why waste money on a game that you don’t like and won’t ever play??

  48. However would you try a game that has released a demo without paying? Hm, complicated.

  49. avatar Blue

    It’s not complicated, really.

    Work has value. They put a lot of time and effort into the game, and it’s only fair to recognize that. Some people don’t want to pay for things, and it has nothing to do with teaching the industry a lesson or protesting bad games. They just don’t want to part with the money; and yet they act like they’re sticking it to the man when they steal. The go on forums and brag, and act like they’re god damned criminal masterminds when all they did was download something off the internet.

    And then they tell honest people to get lives.

    They’re just ignorant children.

  50. avatar Alex

    This is so full of win.

  51. @Blue
    Bottom line, if the pirates really liked the game, ultimately they lose out when Rocksteady can’t afford a sequel, or even closes down.

  52. avatar Lone wolf

    ok… the bloody pirates crack the game and upload it on the net, so wats wrong with downloading something thats available on the internet for free where people in the third world country never even get to see the original game, ok its available in the net, but wait oh! it cost more than my monthly pay… damn it! i know most ppl here would love to buy the original, if we can afford that is,

    some ppl would say if you cant afford dont buy it, ya thats great news coz ppl who cant afford can go to hell, stop learning, start begging.

    i dont like piracy either and i always get the original coz dont want to end up being limited inside a game, but i am talking about those who are born less fortunate than us…

    i always think why developers cant drop the prices, lower price tags means more sales and it would be profit margin in the end and also piracy would go to hell if the price tag go down now wouldnt it…

    ive seen ppl in the 3rd world country go to pc shop and ask for used PC, and the cost of the PC is like 100$ and the cost of windows is 200$…. ppls talk about moral code here, where;s our moral when we dont want to think about the less forutnate….

  53. avatar Anon

    If a company isn’t going to bother with making it worth $60 in the wonderful economy we live in, why the hell should you buy the game? Beat the story mode, beat the challenges and you’re done.

    I support developers when they truly deserve it – Diablo II came out in the 90′s and I’m still playing it. It stays fresh, you never “beat” it, and patches (although they’re somewhat rare) change the game entirely. Now that’s worth my $60.

  54. avatar Andrew

    Old news, the bug was fixed in the loader update 2 before you even made this post, yeah, it took a while to leak onto p2p networks, but the scene don’t take “challenges” very kindly. Go ahead Eidos, try to leak your “moral code testing betas” more often, and watch how the scene react to it. Don’t attach too much pride to a piece of software, code can be cracked within days, wounded pride takes years of therapy.

  55. avatar Gamer

    ppl would pay for the games if the games would really be worth the money they pay.
    You buy a game, pay ~100$ and finish the game within 2-3 days on all difficulty levels. Thats really not worth the money.

    Today there are not much games worth buying. Too expensive for to little joy. :(

  56. avatar Joshua

    I know how it feels to work on something so hard and not get payed. All my overtime is sucked up by new taxes and the first two hours of every day I go to work is sucked up by the IRS. So screw the Publisher, there will be plenty of douchie teen boys to buy this game, they don’t need my sixty dollars (which was waayyyyy too much to ask for Arkham Asylum, I’m surprised the piracy bug wasn’t an actual glitch) As long as game companies want to charge exorbitant amounts of money for buggy 10 hour long games you will continue to have a LOT of piracy. Most of us aren’t stupid but I can see plenty of fanboys here who are.

  57. avatar Guido

    Wow some of you pro-piracy people are pretty damn stupid. I fully understand why someone would pirate a game, but “not wanting to buy a bad game” is no excuse. That is why I play FREE demos before I ever buy a game, or talk to someone else that has played it and get their opinion. Also, you are acting as if playing video games a right you have, and that guy above talking about people in 3rd world countries not able to afford games…WTF? Playing video games is a luxury, if you aren’t able to afford it, maybe you shouldn’t be wasting your time on games. I’m not saying I have never pirated a game, but I try to do it the legal way by playing demos and reading forums so that I know I want to buy a game. If a company charges too much for crappy games, then they will go out of business, that’s capitalism. Grow up and get a job if you want to play games.

  58. avatar Anon

    Pirates win. Always.
    Unless facing ninjas.
    None of you are ninjas.
    Hence, we win.
    Also fact.

    I suppose if you were ninjas, we pirates wouldn’t know though.

  59. avatar Vagrant

    Well, if they run out of money, they’ll just get bought up and ruined by EA like every other VG company they buy. If the content of demos were enough to give an accurate representation of games, yeah, I’d buy into that, but they don’t 90% of the time, much in the way that movie previews only show the couple good scenes and misrepresent the rest of the film.

    You guys seem to be missing the fact that after the primary market for games, a lot of these, mostly console games, end up in second hand stores, and when resold the game developers receive none of the profit. So by reselling games you’re technically doing about the same as the pirates in douching the devs out of money. Not that it matters whether or not you buy the game anyways, the stores selling them have already paid for them so that money has already reached the devs as much as it will.

  60. avatar Unreal_Me

    Mirrors Edge did something similar. Part way through the game, you lost the ability to run if you were using the cracked version.

    It was cracked in a few days, but it was still amusing.

  61. avatar firstprime

    i hate all you overly zealous moral freaks.
    we all love the game industry, but this kind of thing wont make a difference….

    1: anyone who pirates a game wouldnt have baught it anyway so the game devs arent losing buisness that way.

    2:if it was pirated before it was released then it is more than likely that most people who dl’d it were just impatient fans

    3: in my case (and im sure many other gamers are the same), i buy alot of games, i spend basically all my money on games, i support developers and have spent thousands of euros on games. i also pirate games whenever i want, i dont see anything wrong with it. because the games i pirate are games i would not have baught or wil buy in the future. i do no harm to devs or the game industry. if i pirate a game and really enjoy it i buy it, if its bad i dont.

    while im sure many people who pirate games are selfish douches who have no respect or sympathy for game devs, many people who pirate games are loyal gamers who are short on cash or just want to try out a game. have a little compassion and try to think about what ive said before judging people and calling them pirates. i treat people who are over zealous towards pirates withe the same disgust that they see pirates.

  62. avatar anon

    lol i downloaded the game the day after it came out and i never had this problem

  63. avatar To: FirstPrime

    You’re a thief, get over it. If you can’t get over the label, stop doing it. But don’t get offended when someone calls you what you are. Pirate, thief, whatever – that’s YOU. Oh you buy games and steal them? OK, you’re an occasional thief then, opportunistic you might even say. Is that better ? Moral scale says… NO. You’re wrapped up with the rest of the sinners in hell. Heh.

  64. avatar Yar

    You’re all pussies for not defending piracy.

  65. avatar firstprime

    morals are what you make of them. theres no set morals, everybody has thier own and you dont get to decide whats right or wrong. im a pirate but not a thief, nobody loses from what i do. if i dont like a game why should i buy it? i dont care what anyone calls me, give me whatever label you want.
    its closed minded idiots like you that bring down the advancement of society. if you obey all laws then no movement will ever be made, you have to use common sense and good judgement to know whats right.
    if you cant accept what i do then leave me be and get out of my way but dont try to stop me, judge me and insult me.
    good day to you sir.

  66. avatar Pirate King

    Piracy will always prevail, you can never shut us down. We will always be ahead of the game and cheating assholes at Major Companies out of the millions of dollars.

  67. Hahaha, I don’t even care if this doesn’t stop piracy at all…I’m just glad companies can do it to be jerks to the people pirating the game!

  68. avatar The Ol' guy

    First I would like to say that the games I play is legally purchased, but considering the quite irritating DRM or in cases downright malevolent copy protection schemes some companies adds; like say Starforce.
    That was a lovely little bugger, install a game with that on it and you are playing Russian roulette with your hardware. Or why not the DRM/copy protection that do not allow you to utilise an image of your disc instead of having your reader spin like mad for the duration of your game-play. To claim these program stops the pirates, well that is just bollocks, since those vagabonds of the sea have less problem starting their games than the average user have.
    And after some rambling I have come to my point, I actually uses the hacked version of some of my purchased games since they are less hassle to play (and improves the access time plus reduces some of the wear and tear on my stuff; primarily my hair…)
    So care about the consumers you have instead of moaning about imaginary sales to people who likely never would have bought the product from you anyway.

  69. avatar Cotowar

    First off, this was a pretty funny response.

    Now, to get to the pirating moral code. First off, no game should be that expensive. I understand the work that goes into these new games, as I’ve written several basic games myself and they come no where near the retail ones. Even still, quality products can be released for free, these game developers just choose to rape the economy with their high prices.

    I would venture to say that most pirates wouldn’t buy the game to begin with if there were no free copy, they would just wait for someone else to buy it, crack it, and release it on a p2p network. The same goes for music and movies. The game making companies are losing little to no revenue from pirates. What they are getting, however, is a reputation. If one company were to relax its piracy measures, and make full y functional cracked copies easier to obtain, people would notice.

    Also, the EULA is a total piece of shit that allows the game companies, and software companies in general, to take your money without really selling you a product. You are not, contrary to popular belief, the owner of that game. You are simply paying them to use it. For $60, that game damn well better be mine, and I should be allowed to do with it as I please. If that means using the disc as a coaster so be it. If that means making 17 copies so I feel safe with my investment, that should also be okay.

    Bottom line, go pirates. Thank you all for providing me and the rest of the world with free content, and may our ranks continue to grow. These greedy bastards will never be forced under due to profit losses, but that doesn’t mean we should stop providing free entertainment to our fellow man.

    • avatar Angel

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  70. avatar Anonasnake

    The reason they release the games at $60 a pop is because between the cost of development, AND the cost of fabrication of the discs, and the cases, with the manuals, it gets pretty expensive. They make up the investment of actually CREATING the discs by charging an obscene amount.

    However, if they actually worked WITH pirates, things would be better for all. 60 dollars is an obscene amount for a game I can beat in less then 10 hours in one sitting, and I’m a CASUAL gamer. I beat Batman relatively quickly, actually I beat it in a single rental from BlockBuster. I purchased Modern Warfare 2, and beat that in 2 days. I’m not the type of person who wants to play on insane difficulty and die every 10 seconds, either. I like my games to be difficult within normal limits.

    If they, however, started uploading their games onto more digital distribution systems, they could charge LESS for the actual games, and people would be less inclined to pirate the game to begin with. Why would I pirate a game, that may take 12 hours to download (depending on seeds/leechers, etc.) When I can download it directly from the source, from a super fast server? That’s why even pirates give time to smaller developers who can only AFFORD

  71. avatar Anonasnake

    to release digitally. So they can make their money off the purchases before the game itself is pirated.

  72. avatar gtfo

    i owned the game

  73. avatar Chelsy

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  74. avatar Cecilia

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