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Frank West in T vs C screenshot

Now Wii owners REALLY have a reason to be excited: Frank West, the photographer/main character of Capcom’s Dead Rising, has been confirmed as a character in  the upcoming Wii-exclusive fighter Tatsunoko Vs. Capcom: Ultimate All-Stars.

Hit the jump to see him in action!

Quick preview:

Zombies!  As!  Weapons!


The news was broken at the 2009 Tokyo Game Show today, as the game is preparing for its explosion onto Wii-gamers’ screens (and nowhere else!) on January 26th, 2010.

And you thought all you’d get is a Wii-exclusive rugby game… shame on you for not believing in Nintendo power!

Source: Capcom Unity Blog

  1. Haha, that game is so ridiculously Japanese. Looks fun!

  2. Well, that makes two of the five leaked characters confirmed.

    We’ve got an official announcement on Tekkaman Blade and Frank West so far. Now, we just need the announcement for the two remaining Tatsunoko characters and the Zero/Cyber Zero announcement. That’s the one I’m really waiting for, since that’s the only one we’re not clear on.

  3. He plays a lot like Jill from Capcom 2 it seems: using weird anti-zombie items from his games, and even using enemies as weapons.

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