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You may have taken advantage of International Talk Like a Pirate Day’s free Tales of Monkey Island promotion, but today is a holiday that’s quite a bit more real and important… Yom Kippur!

In honor of the Day of Atonement, adventure game legend Dave Gilbert (of Blackwell Legacy fame) is making his point-and-click adventure game The Shivah free for the day!

Hit the jump and prepare to repent!

The process is simple: go to the Wadjet Eye Games “buy” page and add The Shivah to your cart.  On the next page, enter coupon code “FreeShivah” (one word) and voila!  Free Shivah!

The Shivah is a Monkey Island-style game with award-winning writing and an interesting concept: the main character is a Jewish rabbi slowly becoming disenchanted with his religion.  Oh, and it’s a murder mystery where the rabbi is the one being framed!  Can’t go wrong there.

Hurry, it’s only free until the end of the day!  If you miss it, there is always the free demo to try out.  (The Shivah is only $4.99 normally, anyway!  A small price to pay for some of the best writing you’ll ever find in a game.)

Source: Wadjet Eye Games on Twitter

  1. lol never heard of it before, will download.

  2. Haha wow: I love adventure games!

  3. avatar Kenny

    I can see that, I played thorugh all of them so far and they were very enjoyable, now I’m unpatiently anticipating 8 I think it should be coming out pretty soon though, definitely sometime this year.

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