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For the latest round of Brutal Legend hype, Electronic Arts have released the opening cinematic. One word best describes the introduction… ‘epic’.

Sadly the person playing decided to disable gore and swearing, but nonetheless check it out after the jump.

Want to read more about Brutal Legend? Well why not read our interview with Tim Schafer and our E3 hands on impression article.

Also keep an eye out for the Brutal Legend Demo, as it arrives on XBLA and the PSN tomorrow!

  1. I feel like a screaming little fan girl. THAT WAS AWESOME!

    I need this game like I need oxygen.

  2. Damnit Colin. You could have warned me a little bit. Now I gotta go put on a new pair of pants. Sheesh!

  3. Wow, that rocks! And the demo’s out today!

  4. It really is funnier when you bleep out cuss words though…Or I think so, anyways.

  5. Now Jack Black is a very involved man to his work.

  6. avatar joshua white

    they spoilt it by bleeping it out and turning of the gore

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