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Yesterday we put up a contest for Brutal Legend demo keys, and required you to come up with your favorite metal album in order to win them.

Well, the results are in: hit the jump for the winning entries!

The First Xbox 360 Code:


Winner: Zombutler
Album: Screaming for Vengeance
Artist: Judas Priest

With all the classic metal entries, it was hard to choose, but Judas Priest really takes the cake when you’re talking classic metal.  You really can’t beat the fact that the two founding member’s favorite musicans were Jimi Hendrix, Cream, and the Yardbirds (two Clapton references for the win!).

Little did they know, they would go on to assemble one of the greatest bands of all time, backed by a powerful vocalist. Simply put, Rob Halford is a real life rock God.

The Second Xbox 360 Code:


Winner: james696
Album: Dr. Feelgood
Artist: Mötley Crüe

You’d be hard pressed to top Mötley Crüe with hits like “Kickstart My Heart” and “Dr. Feelgood”, both of which are featured on the album our community member James chose.

Every morning throughout my college career, I would start the day with “Kickstart My Heart”: it just brings out the metal in everyone, and even with it’s mass appeal, still retains its rockin’ spirit.

The PS3 Code:


Winner: yyyme
Album: Once
Artist: Nightwish

You really can’t resist a symphonic metal entry. With all of the classic metal in the running, yyyme’s entry stood out like a sore thumb. Symphonic metal bands such as Symphony X and Kamelot really push the genre of metal, with a focus on non-traditional instruments, and bellowing vocals.

In terms of Nightwish, Tarja Turunen’s haunting, yet beautiful voice really set the stage for an incredibly talented, albeit underrated band.

Winners, your codes are emailed to the email address you provided upon registration. Enjoy the demo, and feel free to blog about it when you’re done!

  1. avatar Samson

    Drats, but congrats guys


    Master of Puppets is better than any of those.

  3. avatar Sameh Omar

    Oh wow, Tim Schafer would definitely not approve of this. Motley Crue?

  4. @Sameh
    Haha, actually, Tim Schafer hand-picked 3 (yes, 3!) Motley Crue songs for Brutal Legend: that’s tied for the most played band in the game.

    Tim Turi and I would get in arguments over Metallica. I enjoy them, but I don’t think the actual album as a whole is better than any of those three. In fact, I think Ride the Lightning is better than Puppets.

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