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Kurt Cobain

Following on from the scuffle between Nirvana, Courtney Love and Activision, Jon Bon Jovi has also voiced his dismay over Activision’s decisions. The controversy stemmed after a playable avatar of the late Kurt Cobain was included in the newly released Guitar Hero 5, whereby the character model can be used to play along to other artist’s material.

In a recent interview, he empathised with the riled band members, stating “I don’t know that I would have wanted it either.”

He continued by saying: “To hear someone else’s voice coming out of a cartoon version of me? I don’t know. It sounds a little forced” and also revealed that he was approached by Activision to make his own appearance in the game, but the offer was subsequently declined. “”I had the paperwork, they wanted me to be on that game and I just passed.”

Source: BBC News

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    Wow, how depressing is that this, not the article nevertheless the amount of sheep who purchase in to this crap.

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