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As most of the MMO players amongst you know, the recently Westernized Aion opens its servers for pre-purchased customers on September 20 (tomorrow!) for North American, Australian and New Zealand players.

It was announced a few days ago that NCSoft had decided to listen to the large Oceanic community and create a server with a GMT+10 timezone, so AU/NZ/SP players could participate in events and endgame raid schedules! The server, Nezekan, is currently available for character selection and will be active on launch.

A couple of members from the local Aion Oceanic community have asked us to spread the word – If you’re an Aussie, choose Nezekan!

Unfortunately, the server list on launch will not list Nezekan as an Oceanic server, due to the previous retail patch being finalized before the final decision regarding the server was made. As a result, new players will see the server marked as a standard “West”, although this will be patched to the new title within 2 weeks.

Still deciding on whether to join the Aion hype? Check out our beta preview here. Need something more substantial? Watch this space for our comprehensive Aion Review, coming within the next month (we like to be thorough).

  1. avatar David

    We are lucky to get a server but since it doesn’t have (oceanic) on it, I bet there will be a lot of players from NA there too. There would have been NA players even if it had (oceanic) on it because the server is physically located in US.

    Is there any mmorpg game that has oceanic servers located in AU/NZ?

  2. avatar Jack

    Yeah warhammer online

    • avatar Nightwing

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  3. avatar Daniel

    Can people from NZ/Aus play on the North American servers??

  4. avatar Matt

    Having American players on a Oceanic server is not a bad thing, the more populated a realm the better for all aspects of the game.

  5. avatar Mrtowlie

    Having Americans on an Oceanic server means that there will be more people for us to play with at 1am-6am… It’s not a bad thing, but yet again its not a good thing..

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