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It seems like NCSoft was quick to act in regards to their launch day jitters, as a new patch is set to go live today that will address the main queue blockage problem: private vendors refusing to log off, and simply setting up a player-made shop to avoid being booted from the game indefinitely.

The new patch sees to it that if you leave a private shop up for more than 30 minutes, you’ll automatically be logged out of the game.

This was a big problem for users who had school, work, or other obligations, as they were torn between either logging out, or leaving their computer on overnight setting up a fake shop, which only added to the problem! It’s nice to see NCSoft committed to Aion’s US release: and why shouldn’t they be? Early reports are coming in that Aion already has 3.5 million subscribers, so they’d better stay on their toes should more issues like this arise!

I can personally confirm on my server, US East-Marchutan, that there are no queues anymore (before the patch, I had them), and considerably less private shops scattered about capital cities.

[Update 9/27/09: I just got a queue last night to the tune of 45 minutes on US East-Marchutan, and multiple Gamer Limit community memebers are reporting the same thing. While they may not be as long as the seven hour queues on launch day, there'll still there]

  1. Nezekan never actually had queues, even though it has the same populations as the other servers.

    Glad to be sick of the store spam though, it was really affecting the servers.

  2. avatar Smahuta

    Still have 45 min to one hour queues on my euro server. If they dont act fast, people will leave. Im afraid the game is not that good to wait an hour to log onto it.

  3. avatar Mark

    All English EU servers are so full today they are not even allowing you to queue

  4. avatar Slacky

    I just bought the game when i finally come home from work i found that i need 2 hours to log in any server…it doesnt make sense…i also read a post in nc forums saying to manage time and log 2 hours before the will to play appear o.O Are you kidding me? 50€ disseppeared from my account minutes ago

  5. avatar Rain

    Too annoying to wait in queue, real life obligations does not leave me that much time, so when i come home, do home stuff and finally want to rest in aion, i have to wait. No, ty. Because i preordered i will play for this month, but if queueing continues, I will not pay monthly fee to stand in line, and to play 30 mins because i am too tired and have to work next day. Developers, cant u open more servers?

  6. avatar baron

    Its sad but plan is very simple and realistic ,they will evantually lose some customers ,first month rush will cease and servers will have reasonable wait times soon ,they dont want to open too many servers because they will become ghost towns in the future.

    We just have to wait few weeks..

  7. avatar Glass

    MMO players are pretty unforgiving. If Ncsoft dont sort out this queue issue fast, people will not continue their subscription beyond the first month and the game will be in danger of bombing in Europe.

  8. avatar Tid

    There are lieing, trust me, i have 4 hours to game when i get in from uni, and i spend that in a queue :) – so i can’t play the game. at the guy above me, these kind of games shouldnt have wait times, infact a balance against queues and servers is whats required, you would of thought with them boasting a entire year of exprience in this industry they would be prepared for such queues, i like this game but these queues need something doing about them – drastically, infact the advice ive been given is to go do other things? What so i buy a game to go and play on something else? What i buy a game to wait in a queue and be patient, i could do both those things without buying them games lol.

  9. avatar Kratos

    Eh…. there are several alternatives to solve this problem:
    Lease hardware

    They need to add servers, like others said all eng servers have a queue of at least 1:30h, if you only got from lets say 19:00 to 22:00h to play at all.. Time and money(monthly fee) are ticking away fast. So NCSoft can say what they want, but whatever happend with Warhammer doesnt mean NCSoft has to take the same approach as Mythic did.
    One way or another get rid of the queues asap or you’re giving customers a reason to walk away.

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