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Aion already appears to be getting off to questionable start, not only with our previously reported epic queues, but now players are being banned for merely joking about gold sales.

Below is a copy/paste of the email banned Aion player Redmoons sent us.

I managed to log on one of the low population servers as soon as they brought it online, played for about 45 minutes, then when I hit level 5 (the level you need to use the regional chat), I joined in a conversation about the future of the game. I made a somewhat antagonizing remark to someone who said they would be buying kinah as soon as it became available, as if I was a gold farmer. I typed “YOU WANT BUY MIRRION GOLD? 1 MIRRION GOLD FIVE US DORRA” or something stupid along those lines, and got some ‘lols’ from people who clearly knew I was kidding. We talked about how full the chinese servers were of bots, and how chat was flooded 24/7 by gold sellers on asian servers. I said it would probably be a day or two before they started spamming chat and botting in US release, and then two minutes later I was booted from the game, and greeted by that message when I tried to join again.

Redmoons noticed and I confirmed,  that if you do try to call the support number listed, you are answered by a not-so nice sounding fax machine. I’m guessing they either put the wrong phone number there, or phone support is non-existent.

Abuse of power, or just over-zealous community protection?

  1. avatar Mudkip

    So… Did you get your 5$ dorra?

  2. avatar noone

    now.. was he kicked for “jokingly selling gold” or did some one report him for “racism”? Not that I find what he said offensive.. but I definitely see how someone could have seen it that way and reported it…

  3. avatar Awesome

    If you ask me this is very good news. Hopefully Aion is running a script so that anytime those words are entered, you get an auto-ban. Good news indeed.

  4. @noone
    I do know of another case of someone simply typing the words “can you buy gold in Aion?” and was subsquently banned.

  5. avatar Epinonymous

    I’m going to hazard a guess that making ching-chong chinaman jokes in an MMO built in Korea and run by a Korean company is probably not a smart idea.

    Heavy-handed? Sure. But it’s not like this guy truly did nothing to provoke NCsoft’s moderators.

    That doesn’t matter, though, he’s achieved his Internet martyrdom.

  6. I’m not even sure he was banned for the ‘selling gold’ part. I’m too busy to get hurt over racist-tinged comments, but I can definitely see how one could have taken offense to that.

  7. SWEET! Yet more reasons to stay far from away from this sinking fail boat of a game.

  8. avatar Lol

    Aion is an EPIC fail…

  9. avatar Holyneo

    Epic fail? This game is far from Epic fail, but I hope you do believe it is so you guys stay in elementary wow. I believe thats where you belong. I’m glad to see them keeping the game clean from gold buyers and Racism even if its a joke!!!

  10. avatar NotSoGamingGamer

    Racist? Far from it.
    Good to see NcSoft is doing or, trying to do something about the gold selling industry.
    Is this extreme? Prolly.
    But I’ll enjoy my Aion game a little more now, that a few less idiots are running around on the servers.

  11. Regardless of racism, or it being a joke, or any other reason, being banned from game without a warning is kinda really lame. Yes, I know the user agreement states things like this, but this was two days before the actual release of the game and if this is all true, just 45 minutes after he started playing. And with the MMO world so dominated by WoW, you’re really going to ban one of the few that ACTUALLY preordered your game, NcSoft? Thats just silly.

  12. @Chris M.
    Agreed. I made a similar joke in WoW among friends in general chat, and was simply warned for it both by email and in-game.

  13. avatar ching chong china man. or equally know as slitty eyed cunt.

    bollox to them. it was joke. it was funny. what the fucking problem.
    i’d be well pissed if that happened to them. wankers.

  14. It was a stupid thing to do, but I agree, a warning would suffice.

    Aion have done a good thing by silencing people until they reach level 5, thus avoiding accounts being created to spam without a little bit of work to get there :)

  15. avatar nobodyspecial

    This is a stupied article… call this news? Instead of trolling the in game chat, just play the game for crying out loud. qq qq qq Live and learn!

  16. avatar w/e

    1 sided story by someone banned. I’m sure the guy didn’t forward you the exact email and reason with text that he was actioned for. Everyone that gets banned never does anything wrong on their side of it….

  17. avatar Malarthi

    Given I was banned without even having logged in first, I’d have to disagree with your sarcasm there. Oh, and in my case, no reason was given, no email was sent, support request has been ignored, and call the number yourself, it really is a fax line.

  18. avatar klarax

    sorry you got banned, but i think its setting the standard, even if it is extreme.

    This makes ppl not even think/talk about buying and sellng gold, cos you get banned asap. Therefore, its not worth it and no one will do it.

  19. Avatar Image J

    The OP is right, this is madness i got my account banned for what. I do not know, i dont recall any conversations, im usually quiet and stick to my self etc. I have gotten no email or any thing. This is insane i dont know what NCsoft is trying to do. FYI i never mention gold or buying it.

  20. avatar MikeD

    Yenno, the mods are just fucking insane with bans. I madea black joke (funny thing is I AM BLACK) and i get banned for 3 days. enjoy your ban – ncsoft’s GM’s do what they want; have you seen how they look ingame? Messagethem with a question about your ban. they will usually give you evidence for your ban.

  21. avatar MikeD

    sorry for double post; but they even say in the terms that they will warn you. I GOT NO WARNING, LOL. also, the gold sellers are sneaky: the mods can’t see PM’s, thats how the gold sellers message people ingame. So the only waythey get caught is if they are reported; and most of us even talked about it over general chat; they say they just don’t care and ignore it.

  22. avatar Droxs

    I’ve been playing Aion for awhile now, i’ve made remarks about gold buyers in general chat and even a few jokes that could be considered offensive to certain groups. To say he got banned for one remark is ridiculous. most likely just another idiot saying dumb stuff in general. there’s plenty of them. ppl act like morons in chat and actually a couple get banned is great news. good job NCSoft! dont wanna get banned then stop acting like a dumb WoW nerd in chat. Aion’s great too bad MMO virgins that come from WoW are argueing and downing it simply becuz they cant follow rules or act like they have an ounce of intelligence. deal with it or go back to WoW kids ;p

  23. avatar A

    I was banned, and I never made any joke, or violated any rules. No idea what’s going on…

  24. avatar TS

    I agree whid Droxs most of WoW players are idiots they tink they are very big wen they act ow Im so big, and I will be happy if they get banned ;];];];]

  25. avatar Phreak

    I just got banned for no reason as well. The only thing I can think of is a conversation I had the other day with a friend. She asked me to loan her some Kinah and I told her to go to to buy gold. Clearly a joke. But maybe just “buy gold” in my joke message flagged me for an auto ban. If so, what the fark? I not only played CoH/V and pre-ordered but I also got the Collector’s Edition. I’m banned, with no e-mail telling me why. So I can only guess this would be why.

  26. avatar Phreak

    CONFIRMED. This is the e-mail I got:

    I have reactivated the account after further review.

    The account was suspended for suspected RMT solicitation in chat. Due to the seriousness of these types of activities, all accounts that are suspected of RMT activities are temporarily closed until the investigation is concluded.

    Here is the chat that resulted in the account action.

    Character: Phreak
    Text: HiHi. Please go to and buy gold!

    To avoid these types of complications in the future, please avoid making any reference to RMT activity in the game. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation regarding this incident.


    While I’m glad they are taking it seriously… “Langlang” spammed me for 5 days straight. So, if they were putting together a list and then a mass ban they had time to investigate BEFORE interrupting my game play.

  27. avatar J'accuse!

    The same thing happened to me on 10/07/2009. I’ve been quiet in game and have stuck to leveling, only once speaking in a channel to say “17 Cleric Lfg BC.” I have spoken some in game to friends and to members of a group I was in (the group that resulted from the lfg), but haven’t made any untoward jokes or comments regarding the sale or purchase of in-game funds.

    I have, like I imagine most other people, blocked all the gold spammers, unsolicited whisperers, and promptly deleted any in game mail solicitations.

    I have only had the game, the Collectors Edition, for 5 days — only three of which were playable. I attempted to log in to play some at lunch yesterday only to find my account had been banned.

    Contact with NCSoft Customer Support has resulted in iffy information, poor communication, and a very vague idea of when or how this might be resolved.

    As it stands, the last information I gathered was that my account is “blocked” because of “in-game advertising.” I’ll ask that you give me the benefit of the doubt and believe no such thing occurred, because at this point a little bit of cruising the Aion forums and some Google searches will result in more than a couple people who also feel they were wrongfully banned from Aion.

    I’m eager to see how many people this has happened to. Thank you for posting this and for the responses that indicate I am definitely not alone.

  28. avatar Souless

    This just happened to me today as well. I was running around completing abyss quests and got logged off. I went to the my master account to change my password in case I somehow got hacked. There it was in bold red…Banned. I also purchases Collectords Edition and brought 4 of my friends over to play this. No message, no GM warning, no e mail…nothing. Customer support is ridiculous at this point and I am furious.

  29. avatar wtf...

    Just logged off my account for 2 minutes and when I went back it says banned. No email? About 45 minutes before this a Legion player in the abyss said he was getting pawned by higher levels.

    I said lets go kill those rat bastards…. is that a banning offence? It is Friday night and can not contact ncsoft. They give me no number to call and no email. Wait until Monday? I just made it to lvl 25 and just entered the abyss. I will not go through all that again ( the lvl 18 quests trying to find groups and the small grind to 25) and what about the $60 I paid for the game? They want me to pay for the game again??!!!!!!

  30. avatar Ray

    I just got banned too , don’t know what is the problem. my game got logged off because someone accidently pressed the power button and when i tried to logged in back I found my account already got banned.
    now I’m waiting for their reply

  31. avatar angry

    my account is banned too. I cant even login to forums. wtf is going on?

  32. avatar WTF

    Account is also banned…

  33. avatar D

    Aion’s GMs are heavy handed morons – I named my legion the wrong name and they said that my legion’s name was so offensive that they gave me a 3 day ban. The thing is, the legion name was not the acronym that they thought it was and stood for something totally different from what they were thinking. Excuse me for not reading these faggot GMs’ minds? NCSoft will drive the majority of their paying customers away and I will laugh… Already submitting CC chargeback – fuck AION

  34. avatar Ray

    ***** If you feel as I do, and want to respectfully voice our frustration with the crysystem.dll crashes and lack of response in any manner, please copy and paste this form letter multiple times in as many forums as you can think it makes sense. Perhaps the era of transparent companies and CEOs who stand up and take responsibility might be an era that NC Soft recognizes. The people must be heard. *****

    Dear Mr. Lee,

    First let us state for the record that what we see of Aion has excited us and evoked our imaginations, and passion for gaming. Thank you!

    However please note, the consistent lack of contact from the company (your company, your brand) around what’s known in all the forums as the ‘crysystem.dll/aion.bin’ errors is causing severe frustration, and a lack of confidence and trust in Aion and NC Soft West amongst your patronage.

    There have been no development replies in the tech support forums, and no statements to the general press about an acknowledgement of the issue, and a commitment to fix it, as such commitments can be made. What this leaves many of us with is a frustration at being ‘teased’ with this gaming experience, and a fear that there is no responsible human persona to the brand that is NC Soft West, and Aion.

    When JetBlue cancelled 100s of flights a few years back in one of the worst US snowstorms, and inconvenienced thousands upon thousands of travelers during a busy Holiday week, the CEO of the company, David Neeleman, aware of his own sense of responsibility and duty, addressed each passenger with a written letter or email, apologizing for the incident, and proposing a customer’s bill of rights for JetBlue passengers.

    While this did not alleviate the invonvenience, it did show JetBlue’s customers (and their competition!) the most important thing a business owner and leader can. That they come first.

    Do we come first Mr. Lee?

    /signed, respectfully (for there is not room for flames and hatred, our disappointment and concern speaks louder than that),

    Your Customers.

  35. avatar Aikz

    I’m not one of those who get banned, but best of luck getting your accounts back. I have played other NCsoft games and they DID fix a lot of problems even though it took some time. Aion is just too much for them, guess they need more employees.

  36. avatar abby

    I’m seeing a lot more announcements in game of NCSoft banning gold farmers and botters. I don’t think this is an RMT issue per se. A large percentage of players like RMT. And they absolutely can’t stand the spam that goes on in the game! The spamming in Aion is probably the worst I have ever seen. Why didn’t NCsoft fix this issue..after all…the game has been out for 10 months in China! Maybe NCSoft should take a look in the mirror and figure out a proper solution.

  37. avatar rush

    ive been banned to but still havent got a reply from webform after 2 days , because of this my friends are quitting, they dont see the point of gearing up and chars with the possibility of being banned for no reason at any given time

  38. avatar Kelly

    I agree with abby, who cares about RMT. I don’t know anyone who does not hate the spam. They could fix alot of the problems by simply blocking all channel messages with a website in them that sells services. If they did that, 90% of the spam would be gone and no-one banned. They could just update the list of sites that sell services and the messages go away. Banning people for the RMT is silly. The spammer’s just make new accounts and the occasional player ban makes us consider if we should move on to the next MMO.

  39. avatar Phreak

    Move on to First Person Shooters if you don’t care about RMT. Real Money Transfer is BAD. It screws over the economy for legit players.

  40. avatar Steph

    XD i think it was halar! you people who still dwell on “racism” should be lined up and shot :O! and ftw Aion > wow (wow your lame. :) )

  41. avatar Jhon

    I got banned too, i’ve submited a ticket so a GM come help me solve a problem in-game, when he came i was watching a movie and gathering esosa at the same time, i got banned because i haven’t answerd him, he said i was using a third program, Duh, /select Esosa /Attack
    Bigggggg third program, spam your keyboard button 1 and you have your bot.
    Can’t believe they banned me for fishing fish’s while there is so many real bots everywhere close to the location i was.

  42. avatar Kevin

    LOL !!!

    They banned you for using in-game macro? LOL !? WTF !?

  43. avatar Guessted

    I can see both sides of the argument. However, NC Soft should be VERY weary of banning people. I know several people that were banned recently and none of them have any idea why. Gold farmers should be banned as they upset the in-game economy. But just because someone gets reported as a bot doesn’t mean they are. I have watched tons of people that I thought were bots at first but it became obvious after a short time that they weren’t. Ultimately if NC Soft continues to outright ban people for minor transgressions they will ban themselves out of a profitable game. I can assure you that if some of the people I know that have been banned are not re-instated, my whole guild and I will leave the game. We do not bot or sell in-game money.

  44. avatar Finland

    Warnings FIRST!! thats was great joke :D just like gold sellers are.
    -How can i help u?
    i wanna buy 1mirrion, i pay 5 us dorra
    -What is you order number pls?
    giv mai mirrion and i giv juu 5 us dorra
    - Sir, can u give me u order number pls

  45. avatar Hereto

    My account was all of 2 days old. I had made 2 chars only 1 of them had made it to L10. I hadn’t chatted with anyone other than saying thanks for a drive by buff. I logged off Saturday night with no problems. When I went to log in on Sunday I was banned with no warning or reason. I submitted a support ticket but the only responce I got was the auto responce and soon afterwards a GM note that said its was sent to a senior CSR. It is Wednesday now and I still haven’t heard anything else.

  46. avatar swolbyn

    Check out the BBB page for NCSoft austin. (Their tech support). They have a big fat F. Yes. they suck.

    They banned me without warning. Took 2 days to respond, responded saying they banned me for botting. Which is not the case… I must have missed a PM from a GM (i had filed a ticket earlier in the day). With all the f***ing spam thats sent around, can they really expect us to keep whispers on? jesus… im usually on a legion only tab.

    anyways, long story short, they refused to reinstate the account. So i filed a report with BBB and attorney general for fraud. Good stuff. bye bye ncsoft, you suck ass.

  47. avatar Mark

    Oh GOD, anyone who was offended by that seriously needs to grow a pair, good lord…

  48. avatar F Aion

    Far from Epic Fail………… My a**hole ….. i got suspended tonight for no reasons why .. never botted never bought gold … yet again im suspend and NC while answer my request in good time …… they took my money for another month same time they suspened me …… it’s almost a scam! i have done nothing wrong besides know a few botters #$%@ THEM!

  49. avatar F you AionFags

    aion is epic fail
    botters,sellers,hackers,bullcrud bullcrud bullcrud.those who enjoy the game,fair play to you.but regardless of all your sucking up to ncsoft did you ever think the game won’t fail? look at other mmo’g ncsoft made and look how fast they went down failboat lake ? i play aion but proll twice a week.being lvl 50 is no biggy but jeez the bots and spammers are unreal in this game.Aion = FAIL end of

  50. avatar Dave

    i’m banned since 4 days, and i dont even received any email or warning.
    phone gives no answer and my email to support is ignored since 4 days…
    i transfered kinah, yeah, i earned them in game, and i gave to someone… do i am considered as a gold seller?

  51. avatar Dave

    erratum, i’m ignored from customer support service since 6 days now!
    Great GAME =(
    But when they take my paiement, they dont ignore me ^^

  52. avatar Mad at aion

    I played Aion for 5 months, lvled up 3 chars to lvl 44. I got banned for making gold..I dont get why one gets banned for playing and acheives Profit on a game and its only a game. Aion is nothing but a scam to its own players. I wish there was someone we can press charges against Aion Banning People when they wish. And Im talking about over real money I have spent over 1 thousand +. then aion has the nerve to tell me nohtin for their action. If Aion would only do all a favor and fire the ones that make rules of conduct and rule for game and hire professions this would not happen. But, like i said they are making money so everyone else gets F***ed . I have never been banned in any game ive played and never been mistreated like i was with aion. Until they change the game to where they have Item Store where one can buy items, put more Pvp Servers to where one can make a choice of pvp normal , mid, or hard. and get rid of that rediculous Broker where one can just put as much as they want to sell. omg i saw an item in there worth over 15 mill. who the heck can aford that and not get banned ..the GMs??? . So the broker is rediculous! and needs to be taken out . and the wings and items can be bought in like I said Item Store with real money . then mabe I will reconsider playing Aion . But for now its nothin but a scam game. NCsoft is just scamming their own players if u ask me. Very Low rating for such a rpg game.

  53. avatar Sismos

    I got banned too without mail or some notices. I send ticket to them and I got was the auto responce and soon afterwards a GM note that said its was sent to a senior CSR.LOLOLOL

    60euros – collector
    100euros – abonences

    they are lost.

    its the last time to play ncsoft games with this rediculus customer services support.

    • avatar Sachi

      um okay, Sismos, you too?! YOU GOT BANNED TOO!? so did i, APRIL 30th 2010 Yesterday. I was playing..
      and Aion in the North American side even featured my art yesterday in their Eye on Community, and then I’m flying in REshanta talking to a friend
      and I get banned?!
      are you kidding me??!?! SERIOUSLY!? I was having a CHAT in PM w/ someone, so im NOT A BOT clearly. I don’t bot, I dont even know how you bot. I don’t why would I get banned!? “forwarded to CSR” ..great. thats nice. im goign to call them on monday

      Sunday I can understand..most places aren’t open then
      but COME ON! today is my ONLY DAY I have free cuz i work and go to school…
      i didnt acutally do ANYTHIGN wrong
      I just got forcefully dsconnected and then i tried to log, and forum + account is banned…


  54. avatar Anonymous

    NCsoft banned me in guildwars because they said i used a bot.
    While i didnt do anything but support simply says its closed and final.
    So i hope bots will kill the game now ncsoft took away all my fun i had in games

  55. avatar fuk aion

    i played aion since the game came out my lv 50 templar with full set mirgents and abyss gears got banned for no reason . called them and got an answer said i never bot . 1xx emails was sent with no reply, and then i bought another copy to start over because my friends said will help me level , and this time me and my friends got banned as RMT. because they sent me kinahs and gears . all group was banned for just help me with some kinah and gears , they all my real life friends all played this game for more than 6 months.i’ll never ever play korean games anymore.. fucking NC soft.

  56. avatar GurdeepSingh

    A lot more clothing, more like it.Uhg, it seems kinda sad that the only MMORPG I’ve pylead or seen so far that really brings a REAL strong female style is Warhammer Online. One class (out of 20) has a sexy-esque style for its females, and its the Witch Elf, which is a cult of Witches (female only) who dress seductively to fool their enemies, so it makes sense in Warhammer lore anyways. Every other class is what you’d think a female warrior would look like covered in armor. Mythic did a fabulous job of that.

  57. avatar Gaston Seiber

    it will not totally remove the plugin….

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