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Well, Aion is technically here, and it’s not looking good so far. The official forums are flooded with complaints over insanely large queues for an event that was supposed to allow people that pre-ordered the game to play two days early with a pre-claimed character.

While this is fairly typical of MMOs (and this isn’t even technically a true launch), it seems like NCSoft wasn’t able to meet the initial demand despite pre-order and pre-registration statistics they had far in advance. Whether this problem will carry over to launch day come this Tuesday is yet to be seen.

Is this really just a case of hyper-active MMO junkies who want their quick fix? Possibly. As a former WoW player, even I had queue issues two to three years into launch, which only really was a problem when I was booted out of a raid (!), but they were never this long .

  1. avatar evizaer

    If they have to queue players for a PRE-RELEASE event, I can’t imagine how bad actually release is going to be.

  2. This game had to much hype to live up to. I’m sure it will fail harder then Helen Keller at DDR.

  3. avatar Solution

    i want a pre-order headstart for the queue -.- after 1hour and 20 min still stuck in it

  4. avatar joe

    realy disapointed in the head start my self and there not even doing anything to resolve the problem…

  5. avatar Tom

    This is appalling to be honest. I’ve queued twice for over 45 minutes each and been disconnected both times. Been in this queue again for approaching half hour. Will probably get DCed again too.

    Aion_Ayase on Twitter is ignoring complaints.

  6. avatar chattegl

    Unbelievable. That’s all I can say. Was excited about the headstart. Was excited about the release. Going to cancel my order. Gamestop already said I could if I come in. W/E. Not going to play this shit.

  7. avatar Oggy

    To be fair, it’s to be expected, and it would probably be a waste of money to buy loads of new servers to fit everyone in, when they aren’t going to be very busy in a couple of weeks/months and they’ll be left with unwanted/empty servers. I can imagine it’s very annoying (I actually reinstalled on my computer and I’m waiting for the client to download) but it will lessen off after a while. If they could get some temporary servers up while it’s busy that could be useful. Looks like they’ve had a bigger response than they expected (though after so many busy betas they should’ve realised!). Still, Aion is an enjoyable game, once you get past the queues!

  8. avatar wazoo

    I think I’ll r-e-l-a-x a bit more and see how the game pans out after a month or two of launch.

    Are we in such a hurry to label everything that doesn’t respond in 0.02 milliseconds “fail”? Or is it a need to be the first to say “fail”?

  9. avatar Anonymous

    fail.. honestly, I have been talking this thing up on /2. What a let down. Complete garbage that it isn’t ready to go. As bored as I am with WoW, Blizz would let this happen.

  10. avatar S

    Aion pulled a DarkFall :D

  11. avatar klarax

    I had absolutly no problems, didnt have a waiting time, and was in to play 10 mins after the head start began. Sux for you :P

  12. avatar scope

    LOL….Im in a 8 hour Q….Can you say lame ? Being real, this is a pre launch if they cant handle this then the real launch is going to blow even harder.

  13. avatar Rolling Eyes

    in addition to the long queues for a great game launch, what’s equally predictable are all the internet monkeys and games “journalists” who just can’t wait to use terms like “fail” and “disastrous” when the reality is so obviously far from it. i guarantee there are tens of thousands (if not into the 100Ks) of folks having a great time playing Aion, even those waiting in queues. “i’m going to drive to gamestop to cancel my preorder because blah blah blah”. sure you are. i know the internet has drained away your patience and attention span, but for crying out loud, you’ll be playing soon, so stop whining about something that you know you are excited about. and to Chris Carter…grow up if you want people to take you seriously.

  14. @Rolling
    You: “when the reality is so obviously far from it. grow up if you want people to take you seriously.”

    Me, above: “Is this really just a case of hyper-active MMO junkies who want their quick fix? Possibly.”

    I tried to keep an open mind, and even cited my previous experience with MMOs, noting that I’ve never had this problem before. There’s more story after the headline.

    As for the title, I said “disastrous start in the eyes of consumers“, not myself. If you follow the forum link I added, you’ll see hundreds of other consumers complaining.

  15. 1 hour queue? Oh that’s nothing, WoW day of release, now that was a queue. But damnit, I’m British and that’s what I do, I’m tempted to check out Aion just to get some professional queuing going on.

    • avatar Sharad

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  16. avatar Anonymous

    @Paul Clark
    1 hour was the first 30 minutes after launch for the smallest server. 3 hours later, it’s 4 hours and counting. Check @rolling’s picture.

    Ha! Hundreds of thousands? That queue showed a few thousand.

  17. avatar Tasha

    So 4 hours into the head start and I’m finally on the server. Disappointed that it took me 45 minutes to get in, but I also understand why. I gave up when it told me the queue would take 4 hours, I don’t have that kind of time to wait around. The label of disaster is very subjective, I’d call it more shakey personally. If its like this 10 days after launch then its a disaster.

  18. avatar Zhiias

    Lame shit, had to wait 25 min in Q..
    But after that I created a character, and logged in.. everytime I log in now, I can’t do shit and get DC-ed from Game server within 30 sec..

    What the heck they doing?

  19. avatar Rolling Eyes

    @Chris based on your reasonable and fair response, I suppose I was unfair to you; I appreciate the reply. My point is that your headline feels very sensasional, more designed to grab attention than to be accurate. For every negative poster on a message board, there are probably 1000+ people happily playing Aion. Your headline essentially implies that *everyone* is unhappy, which from what I can tell, is far, far from the truth.

    As we’ve seen from other MMOs, managing the initial surge of players versus the long-term health and population of the servers is tricky business. I would wait for the dust to clear before making sweeping generalization about whether this is really a meaningful problem or not, and whether Aion’s start is a success (which is seems to be) or a “fail”, as the monkeys are so keen to say.

    @GamerLimit On the 100k+ players, just my guess. I don’t know how many servers are up across the US and Europe, but multiply that number by several thousand actually playing on each, plus the several thousand in each server’s queue and you get to a decent sized figure.

  20. @Rolling Eyes
    Thanks for the much more civil response!

    As a side note, I’ll be playing Aion myself, as I enjoyed the beta..

  21. avatar Anonymous

    I love all the tards rushing to defend NCSoft’s faceplant. Aion had a decent chance of being a worthy MMO, but customer service and player satisfaction does matter.

  22. avatar Az

    @Rolling Eyes

    You do understand the purpose of a pre-order head start, right? It’s so those people who pre-ordered the game can start playing early and get a few levels ahead of the rush of new players on launch day. If you can’t play because there is a queue, that pretty much negates the fact that you paid for the game before the general public.

    No MMO that I’ve ever played has had a queue for their pre-order customers. And even WoW’s queues after a major patch or expansion aren’t very long. Sure, NCSoft has a big game on their hands, and it’s expected that a lot of people are going to be playing, but it is their job to ensure that their product is available for their customers.

    And as for your comment about people being patient, I’m not sure if you have real life responsibilities, but some of us do. Some of us are old enough to have jobs and wives (or husbands) and kids and stuff like that. Some of us can’t devote several hours at a time to playing a game, let alone WAITING to play a game. When I sit down to play a game I want to be able to play it right away, especially if I’m paying a monthly subscription for it.

  23. avatar helen

    Seriously, I only have 2 hours to play tonight, but my queue is over 4 hours. This is ridiculous. NCSoft KNEW how many preorders they had. They have no excuse to lock all the players out of the game so that the select few who are allowed in get to play undisturbed. If they’re so worried about overloading servers they need to open A LOT more servers. There is no excuse for this whatsoever. I want my money back but as I ordered through NCSoft I can’t. Seriously, in trying to please half their customers they’ve alienated half of them.

    NCSoft, I was very much looking forward to playing Aion. Now I’m tempted to sdee how many of other players are trying to get their preorder money back for this ridiculous excuse of a game.

  24. avatar Song7

    The comments you are getting are from a vocal minority. I hopped on 2 different servers with 0 min wait. Leveled a priest to 11. dunno whiners find reasons to whine.

  25. avatar Deyja

    I just have to say that the servers(even though the queues) were extremly stable last night. i didn’t get dced, never lagged or anything, it worked perfectly, which is far from the “awesome” release of WoW xD

  26. avatar Vice

    EU launch went pretty well. At one time I had a queue of 1500 but a second later I was able to log in, as were my guildmate who were in thesame queue. So, for me atleast it was a very smooth launch!

  27. avatar Shreevy

    Eu, not a problem in on time, no lag no queueing, seems to be a very good game, look forward to playing many hours.

  28. avatar Spinal

    Hmm… I think i would have to blame GAME store on this one I ordered the collectors edition which also comes with the Head start an I dont even have my head start access codes yet. But mates who ordered the regular edition have their access codes.

    I really think people need to stop confusing Head Start with Launch. The game is released on the 25th Sept an not any sooner so launch is not here yet which means it hasn’t ‘failed.’

  29. avatar Holyneo

    QQ more!!! What a bunch of crybabies!!! I wish Komplex played so I could replace him with Tutty xD

  30. avatar NotSoGamingGamer

    Had no queue when I logged in yesterday. *shrug* Maybe I was able to get in early enough before the flood of players.
    We’ll see this evening after work about a queue.

    @Spinal, it’s released on the 22nd. Pre order ships on the 21st. Besides who releases on Fridays now-a-days(25th)? Other than movies?

  31. avatar Spinal


    Hmm it seems the EU release has a different date to the US release cause on GAME and Aion is set to release on the 25th Sept. I dont undestnad why US would have an earlier release date than us…..

  32. I logged on to the Oceanic server tonight for a marathon session (for review purposes of course), and didn’t encounter any queues or issues at all.

    The game is pretty laggy, but I assume that’s due to the large amount of people in the starting/low level areas at present. That said, for Day One, it’s a much better start then WoW and especially WAR had.

  33. avatar acer

    u guys are lucky i preoder it buti dont get any serial key to start ahead..or make aion accoint…i cant even logon the game…or the aion site…i just got the LCE box this morning and i still dnt have account…lol

    sooo dissapointed..

    i mail gamespot and ncsoft 10X but they response is nonsense

  34. avatar Frosty

    NCSoft are going to run the game right into the ground, and it’s rather sad it’s taken all the Aion fanboys having to sit in 8 hours queues to realize it. As if the OBT riddled with GameGuard and lag problems wasn’t already enough of an indication.

  35. avatar Hardcore

    This is typical of NCSoft, Lineage 2 and all of their other titles. Little planning could have helped out here.

    Want to bet live will be even worse? Take a peek at where these “gamers” are coming from. 100% sure there are tons of China farmers getting their farm on. NCSoft loves em and have even dropped game Guard to make it easier.


  36. avatar to the tards

    i bet not one of you idiots that pre-ordered will quit anytime soon, the reason you are throwing a fit like a child is you want to play so bad….that will not change… just stfu and wait you are the dumbass that pre-ordered when every mmo EVER that was worth a damn had a rough launch, you guys just get to be the angry ones instead of everyone at launch, you payed early and got to be the guiny pig, CONGRATS, SEE YOU ADDICTED AND PLAYING ALL DAY IN A FEW WEEKS :)

  37. avatar M

    @to the tards

    Epic Win Comment :D

  38. avatar Lady

    6 hour + wait to get into. We were not told about race balance for servers until beginning of head start or the server limits. This may seem small, but most of us have set teams and legions where we have friends who can’t get in for planned raids or maybe half are team is stuck in a 6 hour wait Que? No, this was terrible planning. Last night I waited 6 hours to get in, was in for a few hours and got a message across my screen saying that i played for too long and it was time to take a break with a count down that disconnected me and thanking me for playing. That was new and not the little text message, it was an actually shut down and denile of more game time. Pretty sad, this isn’t Asia!

  39. avatar Lol@Aion

    Fanbois kill games too , nubs ^^

  40. avatar Starlancer

    What time EASTERN can we start playing the game if we didn’t do Headstart? I still can’t link my serial code to my account.

  41. avatar Reives

    LoL At log in times I wouldnt wait 6 hours to play any game for that matter. LoL

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