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Remember the Sonic the Hedgehog TV show?  The original, with Jaleel “Urkel” White as the voice of Sonic?  The good one, not the crappy spin-offs?  This is in that same vein.

Here’s a brand new trailer for the film which will HOPEFULLY be released on Sonic’s twentieth anniversary, June 23, 2011.

So very high quality… but guess what?

It’s a fan film.

It’s completely non-profit, so the creator, Rich Kuta, cannot be sued.  The whole thing was done entirely in spare time by a talented team of artists with a Sonic obsession.  They’ve reportedly been trying to get Sega’s blessing for the project since 2005, but no luck yet.

As it sits, look for it – free – on the Interwebz in a few short years.  Until then, you can keep up on the Sonic movie news here.

Source: RK Dezignz

  1. A little while back, I was writing an article for Hyper Magazine about Sonic ’06, that really awful 360/PS3 Sonic game. What with all the beastiality in that game and the increasingly bizarre rumblings I was hearing about of the Sonic fanbase, I decided to read a bit of the Sonic fanfiction out there for research.

    Long story short, I now find Sonic fans genuinely, profoundly terrifying. I just hope Sonic doesn’t spend half an hour in this film gettin’ it on with a badger or something.

  2. avatar Azula101

    There no way!

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