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Rage of the Gladiator developer Ghostfire Games has released some info on their latest boss character: ninja extraordinaire Naginata.

What I love about these boss teasers is the fact that Ghostfire always bothers to explain them, and includes a mini tips and tricks section for each entry. Hit the jump for a full video!

Ghostfire Games:

Naginata is a fierce opponent, trained in the martial arts. As such, he often employs the use of spinning and flying kicks, as shown in this video. One of his favorite moves is to throw burning ninja stars at you, and you must dodge these stars.

Naginata also has some tricks up his sleeve, as he can use dark magic at will. One thing he likes to do is disappear in a puff of smoke, and then re-appear and slash you. While fighting him, you must listen for his sounds to know when to dodge his incoming attack.

Another interesting move shown in this video is his “bladestorm” attack.Naginata can split into multiple clones and attack you in spinning fashion. This attack must be either jumped or blocked, but you won’t know which one until the last moment, just before it hits you.

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