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A recent report from SquareTrade has produced some statistics of the percentage of Xbox 360 consoles to “Red Ring’ in their first year.

Included are the times which the ‘Falcon’ and ‘Jasper’ models were released, as well as comparisons to other consoles.

SquareTrade are one of the worlds largest independent warranty providers.

360 Failure Ratesa

Big middle finger?

The Wii emerged as the reliability champion, exhibiting only a 2.7% failure rate over the course of the first 2 years of ownership. The PS3 had a 10% reported failure rate, nearly 4 times the Wii’s, and the Xbox 360 saw a 23.7% failure rate, nearly 9 times the Wii’s

It probably doesn’t help me feel any better that my own 360 red ringed just 24 hours ago, but it’s nice to see that I’m in the minority for this one.

  1. I might be picking up a 360 next week

  2. I’m with you Chris, it’s hard to find consolation in the fact that apparently I’m the chump in the 10% range who has an Xbox fail every 2 years :/

    I’d be sceptical of these results anyhow. Surely if these figures are from an independant warranty group, this is a statistical analysis of those who get extended store warranties and not all the normal folk who just call up Xbox via phone and yell “FIX IT!”?

  3. avatar blablabla

    has anyone herd ofthe ps3′s yellow light!!! happend to my friend

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