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Microsoft has just announced at a Los Angeles press event that, to commemorate the release of Modern Warfare 2, it will be releasing a new SKU; a 250GB Infinity designed Xbox 360, bundled with a standard copy of the game and 2 controllers. More details after the jump.

The details, in short order;

What: The console will be black with a very limited edition Modern Warfare 2 skin
When: Releasing November 10
With: A tasty 250 Gig hard drive
Included: A copy of Modern Warfare 2
Also: 2 Controllers
Price: $599 (AUD) $399 (USD)

Currently available for pre order for US gamers on Amazon. JB HiFi in Australia is also taking orders.

The ball is again back in Sony’s court now. Modern Warfare 2 was always going to be a juggernaut this holiday season, if Sony hits back with a special edition PS3 slim then we may just see GTA IV loose its crown of the biggest entertainment launch of all time.

  1. I was thinking about picking up a 360 sometime in the next few weeks, but I’m fairly certain I’ll get the PS3 version of MW2. Just because XBL costs money.

  2. avatar Gok1

    Definitely a great deal. 250 GB is 130 GB more than the 120 HDD, the largest in the Xbox market. 120 GB sells for 150 dollars separately already making it a great deal. And if you don’t care about the amount of memory it can hold it comes with the game, 2 wireless controllers, and a kick-ass design!!!

  3. avatar Jonathan Tripp

    Greatest deal in video game history. GO MODERN WARFARE AAAAHHHH

  4. avatar skrilla

    yah yah yah shut up

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