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You want your own NES arcade cabinet in your living room?  Don’t want to spend a lot of money?  Make your own!

Hit the jump to see how.

An Instructables how-to guy known only as “russm313” made this geektastic Nintendo cabinet, and he shows you how to do it, too.  Just click here!

It’s fairly simple if you’re even remotely mechanically inclined.  There is a bit of wood work and some soldering, but that’s about it.  It even allows you to use your own NES controllers if you or Player 2 don’t feel like using the joystick and the big red buttons.  Although honestly, who could say no to the big red buttons?

Take a look at the completed cabinet:

According to russm313, it only cost about $70 in parts besides the PC and monitor (did I mention it’s running an emulator?), and I’m sure you have some spare monitors and computers sitting around the house anyway, right?  Hop to it!

Until you can make a trip to the hardware store in the morning, here are some pics to tide you over:

Nintendo Arcade Cabinet unfinished

Nintendo Arcade Cabinet joysticks

Nintendo Arcade Cabinet Front

Source: Instructables

  1. I will have an arcade cabinet in my Kyoto apartment, just you wait and see!

  2. avatar David K.

    I’d love to see a Neo-Geo Cabinet built in a simple fashion like this, the only question is what controller ports would accomidate it, PS1/2 or actual neo geo controllers for the two player action?

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