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It seems that as soon as The Conduit appeared on radar after being hyped up by IGN, that almost everyone knew about it. Initially bloggers and gamers alike touted it as the Wii’s Halo killer, but nothing could be confirmed. Rumor after rumor passed by, pairing up High Voltage with this or that publisher. Even Nintendo of America was one of the rumored contenders.

The Conduit finally landed in SEGA’s court, and they handled the publishing of the game. It was a somewhat surprising pairing, but no body really blinked an eye after it was confirmed. You might be wondering how SEGA’s interest in The Conduit began, and why they decided to publish the game.

SEGA product manager German Fritsch filled us in during a recent Radio-Blodec podcast.

“SEGA is expanding enough to reach all types of people and recognized that there is much potential in the different consoles. PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 have a more conventional demographic. In the case of Wii, it’s assumed, or it looks like, other publishers are thinking of making more casual games. But SEGA recognizes that there are gamers like all of us. We have a Wii to make use of the controls, SEGA wants to give players an opportunity to have fun with the console and The Conduit was the perfect title.”

Source: Nintendo Everything

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