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Following the release of its first downloadable content (DLC), Red Faction: Guerilla will again be releasing another extension to its grand adventure on September 17. Though this time, instead of attaching more meat to its single player campaign, we’ll see revolutionaries all around the world take the fight over on Xbox Live and the PlayStation Network.

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You can find the press release from THQ below.

August 26, 2009 – Following last week’s successful launch of the Red Faction®: Guerilla™ Demons of the Badland DLC pack, THQ Inc. today announced details for a second downloadable content pack that will deliver destructive new multiplayer modes and maps. The Multiplayer Pack will feature two new modes, Bagman and Team Bagman, along with eight new maps, playable across all multiplayer modes.  The Red Faction Guerilla Multiplayer Pack will be available on September 17th on Xbox LIVE® for 560 Microsoft points and PlayStation®Network for $8.40.

Along with Demons of the Badlands (available now) and the Multiplayer Pack, THQ has also announced a third DLC pack that will be available in October.  Further details on the third pack will be revealed soon.

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    That looks great. I can’t wait.

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