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Madden 10 crook

Jacksonville, Florida was the venue for one of the more game-driven felonies the state has ever seen.

An armed robber, posing as a Gamestop customer wishing to purchase an Xbox 360, pulled out a firearm and demanded that several copies of Madden NFL 10 be handed over into his possession.

Hit the jump to find out what the crook actually managed to steal.

In total, the thief escaped with 23 games, two Xbox 360 consoles, and $600 worth of cash, amounting to an estimated $2500 in stolen goods.

As usual, the media were on the scene to report the crime, with local television news network WJXT-TV recording some suspect interesting quotes from the public.

“I just heard it was good,” video gamer Brian Fletcher said. “I mean, Madden’s Madden. Come on. Everybody loves Madden. Can’t beat it.”

“It’s very realistic, followed by you get to create your own teams and rosters and do all sorts of things,” video gamer C.J. McCloud added.

Jacksonville police aren’t surprised by the theft, and have stated that this felony emulates a robbery that recently occurred in the area.

Source: Kotaku Australia

  1. Anyone up to rob some copies of Wolfenstein to help Raven Software out?

  2. You’d probably make more robbing them during a WoW expansion release. You could could then turn and rob all the people in line to get the game. Also as they do releases at midnight you’d be able escape into the black of the night yelling “The Game Stop bandit strikes again! MUHAHAHA”

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