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[Hello and welcome to another spiffing edition of The Week in News, brought to you by Gamer Limit.]

You know the drill – every notable snippet of gaming news over the past week is cunningly crammed into one easy to swallow portion to make your life that little bit easier and my Sunday that little bit more hectic.

Hit that jump to read the ultimate catch up of what has been a juicy week.

This week was of course dominated by a certain GamesCom event which took place in Germany, but there was one announcement in particular that came as an utterly shocking surprise. Honestly, nobody could ever see it coming.

It turns out that Sony has been rationing the Playstation 3 on a diet of Slim Fast for the past 3 years, but it hasn’t gone too well. Unfortunately, everyone found out before its shiny new body was ready to be uncovered and the poor PS3 became all too self conscious.

After an agonising few months, drastic measures were required and the final result was the PS3 Bulimic, a slimmer version of the original that is actually a trifle wider on closer inspection. It may look like it was crafted out of a kitchen sink, but at least it is considerably cheaper, although I can’t help but think it bears a close resemblance to that of a tepid block of cheese.

The Bullimic’s older brother is also about to become bloated, following the announcement of the new significant 3.00 firmware update, but don’t forget its smaller, and often neglected, relative the PSP which is going to be spoilt rotten with a bevy of bite sized “mini” treats. Mmm.

Meanwhile, in a bid to actually sell a PSP Go, Sony have offered Gran Turismo PSP for the very reasonable price of nothing. Speaking of Gran Turismo, a substantial chunk of information was leaked for what is becoming the most delayed racing game of all time, which got me stupidly excited.

That is, until I clapped eyes on its new damage system for the first time. Considering Polyphony’s unrelenting philosophy of perfection, it was somewhat disheartening to see such a lacklustre damage system in place, and, to add insult to injury, they even confirmed that not every car in the game will feature damage. It should be all or nothing, in my humble opinion.

Remember last week when Activision became uncharacteristically charitable? Well, they are now targeting the almighty land of the UK by waving World Tour under our noses if you so happen to preorder Guitar Hero 5. But will we succumb to their charms?

With every games conference you can expect a slew of appetising trailers, and GamesCom was no exception – take a deep breath, as there is plenty to go round. We had a new look at Uncharted 2, a sneaky peek at MGS: Peace Walker, a reminder that Ratchet and Clank: Future has the capacity to be the next Pixar film and some new details were revealed in a trailer for Mass Effect 2.

Elsewhere, bulky grown men in tight pants drenched with sweat and gratuitous tattoos will once again prevail in the new Smackdown vs Raw 2010, and Xbox fans will have something to glee about with the arrival of Fable III. This was just the tip of the iceberg however – head over to Gametrailers for a complete archive of GamesCom trailers, including the frightingly lifelike Heavy Rain.

In other news, a new World of Warcraft expansion is set to diminish your social life and Namco has made friends with Ninja Theory and Game Republic. We also had some uplifting confirmation of release dates for Blur and Dj Hero, which was soon subsided with the disappointing delay of Battlefield 1943 on PC and the news that LittleBigPlanet will be deprived of its all important multiplayer for the PSP version. That makes me a sad Sackboy.

And finally

I produced a video trailer which not only promoted my baby, but also this very website, which in turn gave Grahame a scintillating 3 seconds of fame.

That’s it for this week – stick with Gamer Limit for the latest in gaming news, honest reviews and eye opening features. Start up your own blog with us, and we may just consider giving you some spotlight.

  1. Yay for the Video Trailer, props for GL plug :D
    Good job

  2. Bingo! Great job of summing up this week’s news

  3. Wow, that was an excellent round-up… you sure must have spent lots of time on that – so much news to report!

    I really enjoyed the PS3 slim section :)

    I’m currently playing through Ratchet & Clank Future: Tools of Destruction (OLD!) and I’m really looking forward to the new one… almost as much as I am Uncharted 2!

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