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Well, hello there and welcome to Gamer Limit. If you are new round these here parts and not familiar with this particular feature, let me explain it for you like always. The Week In News basically consists of me falling out of bed on a Sunday, wading through a week’s worth of news articles and deciding which ones are worthy enough to receive a second mention. You can then easy-click your way to becoming up-to-speed.

I love having this power at my fingertips. Just don’t tell me it’s Sunday. Hit the jump for the goods.

Like all good news shows, I’m going to leave the dancing shitzu until last and head straight into some serious news. The man who voices Serious Sam is in some serious debt and is seriously offering his services to anybody serious enough to seriously consider paying him a seriously low $1 per word. But if that news wasn’t serious enough, there is word that Yakuza 3 is not going to see a western release because nobody bought the last one.

In other news, a serial killer is on the loose and is thought to be hiding within people’s iPhones. His name’s Dexter and his arrival on the device is set to cause quite a stir, just as his television series does. Speaking of stirring, there is no word yet as to whether you will ever use the waggle to stir zombie brains on the Wii, but you will be seeing more zombie faces and imagining doing so, if these Resident Evil: Darkside Chronicles gameplay demos are anything to go by.

There were a few more gameplay videos and trailers this week, including the following: Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer gameplay, which was nice; a Ratchet & Clank Future: A Crack In Time storyline trailer, which made me chuckle (and will therefore make you chuckle too); a couple of Marvel: Ultimate Alliance teasers, for those who enjoy being teased; a clip for the Fallout 3 DLC, of which I know nothing about; and a Halo overload, with an anime trailer and some dodgy ODST gameplay footage. On top of that, Halo 3: ODST also appeared in a video all about the characters and weapons in the game.

Sony announced that the manufacturing cost for the PlayStation 3 has been reduced by 70%, but made no mention of a price-cut, but we speculated anyway. Elsewhere, it is quickly becoming apparent that the best possible time to release a game ever is going to occur at the end of this year. You see, Dark Void is yet another game pushed back until 2010 – March, to be precise – which leaves probably about two or three left in 2009. Publishers, you heard it here first.

And finally…

Our very own Martin Bigg presented an incredible piece of work during the past week. Live For Speed: Collateral Collision is an epic car chase made from the ground up using a driving sim, some (read: lots and lots of) sound effects pulled from various sources and a lot of effort. Check it out right here.

Also, LittleBigPlanet may be getting some Marvel costumes soon and somebody has designed a device that whips you like a bitch if you can’t use a black leather boot to beat Pong. Eh? What? I don’t know, but I want one too.

Thanks for reading… stick with us here at Gamer Limit for the latest in news, reviews, features and probably a fair amount of speculation as to whether or not zombies will ever exist in real-life. (Spoiler: yes, they bloody will.) Start a blog with us here.

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