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[Hello and welcome to The Week in News, your weekly roundup of gaming news from Gamer Limit.]

This edition is slightly different however – you may have noticed that I am not the loveable Daniel Clancy, the usual anchor of this series. You see, Clancy has taken a temporary leave of absence, but I’m sure he will be back in time before I make a complete hash of things.

So gather round everyone – you can find the highs and lows of the past week condensed into one easy to read article after the break.

Let’s start by getting some of the grim news entries out of the way. By now, we have all grown tired of hearing about the evil economic downturn/credit crunch/financial crisis/economic climate/recession and its never ending plot to put established companies out of business. Unfortunately, Grin, the developers of Ghost Recon Advanced War Fighter, were the latest company to go down due to cash flow problems, as cited by their own solemn farewell message.

We also waved goodbye to the independent Playstation magazine PSW because nobody could be bothered to read it anymore, presumably because glorious websites like us made it redundant. And then a certain renowned video games blogger named Luke Morse posted a staggeringly heartfelt and moving video announcing his departure from the video games scene, as a result of losing his family. You probably won’t be reading this Luke, but Gamer Limit wishes you the best of luck in sorting things out.

In other more positive news, Actvision did the unthinkable by doing something charitable. It seems that it has dawned on them just what a malevolent, money milking franchise Guitar Hero has become, so they are now offering GH: Van Halen for free to compensate you. Elsewhere, arch rival Rock Band has had the full set list for its newest release, Beatles Rock Band, rumoured and DJ Hero acquired some artists under the tripe-tastic names of Scratch Perverts and DJ Yoda. How much do I not want to hear them?

Bioware’s upcoming Dragon Age: Origins was the latest victim to receive an unwanted but relatively minor delay, but this wound was subsequently eased after they announced a batch of free DLC would be included to those who buy it. Microsoft on the other hand once again spat in the face of Sony after the discovery of yet another price cut for the Xbox 360, but not long before they had to defend themselves after their dubious pricing for Games on Demand came under fire.

World of Warcraft fans rejoiced when Blizzard celebrated its 5th anniversary by reprising the raid boss Onyxia. I must confess however that, by having no knowledge or passing interest in WOW, this means absolutely nothing to me so I will swiftly move on.

Some controversy was abound this week, as it seems that Australia’s Classification board doesn’t want you to have any fun after banning Risen, an upcoming RPG that was deemed to have sexual and drug related content which is apparently too explicit for the eyes of untainted Australians.

And now for the all important influx of new game and content announcements. Red Alert 3 is due to receive a new Commanders Challenge DLC pack, and Panzer General Allied Assault will be storming its way onto Xbox Live later this year. Sports fans will also no doubt relish the announcements of Rugby League 3 and another Football Manager release. PS3 owners will also be delighted to know that MAG will finally be emptying its rounds on January 2010, just shy of the Christmas period. Lastly, RC Racer Smash Cars is due to roar onto the PSN next week and Valve unapologetically spilled some tasty new details regarding Left 4 Dead 2 and Team Fortress 2.

And finally

I develop some serious envy for Mr. Paul Clark after he paid Codemasters a visit and played Dirt 2 before me.

That’s it for this week – as always you can catch the latest in gaming news, honest reviews and eye opening features here at Gamer Limit. Keep reading, and we’ll give you nice things or even a spot on the homepage if you submit a blog that catches our attention.

  1. Another Epic week in news :D

  2. I think the whole Guitar Hero 5 with GH: Van Halen is a brilliant piece of marketing. I mean, no-one was interested in Guitar Hero 5 before, right? What with it’s 100+ songs, DLC and roll-over tracks. But now GH: Van Halen is involved (with it’s 50 dubious songs), all of a sudden people are interested and pre-ordering. Smooth moves Acti!

    I heard that after the big release hype has died down, you’ll probably manage to get a FREE COFFEE if you pay $3 for GH: Van Halen at any McCafe. Just keep in mind you’re paying for the game and getting a free coffee, not the other way around. Certainly not.

  3. Yeah it is a good offer, which is why I’m less than pleased that it isn’t available in the UK.

  4. Or the AU. It’s a pity, because free seems around a reasonable price for GH:VH. Or you know, they could give you $10 off your GH5 purchase if you agreed to take a copy home with you.

  5. Superb job, Martin!

    TWIN is in the safest of hands :)

  6. avatar Yash

    This has to be some of the best news I’ve heard in awhile. Guitar Hero was a bltaoed washed up has been of a franchise. It did nothing but poorly ape what Harmonix was doing with Rockband.Also worth noting, the Tony Hawk series has been benched as well.

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