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With two episodes down and three more to go, Telltale Games have released both episodes of Tales of Monkey Island on for individual download today. James Lamorticelli, Telltale’s Vice President of Publishing, states that “opening this distribution relationship with introduces Tales of Monkey Island to new audiences of game players of all ages who can fulfill their aspirations of becoming adventurous, swashbuckling pirates.”

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Each episode totes an $8.95 pricetag, a cost that doesn’t seem too steep at first. But if you plan on playing all five episodes, you’re up to 45 dollars and the casual gamers that generally use Amazon may not be willing to pay this.

I’m not completely sure this is the best of ideas for the Tales of Monkey Island series. Yes, casual gamers now can pick and choose episode they’d like to play without committing to the $35 pricetag that all five episodes cost. However, the series is intended to be a five part narrative, hoping to complete a more fulfilling experience than playing a single individual episode.

For argument’s sake, if one were to choose to jump in on the third episode and happened to enjoy his or her experience. They want to continue the zany, swashbuckling adventures of Guybrush Threewood, but they’re now roped in for an extra 10 dollars, whether they buy each episode individually or buy the five episode pack. Will the casual gamer commit to the purchase, as Telltale hopes? You’re thoughts?

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