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Microsoft has been kind enough to grant us one copy of Shadow Complex to giveaway, and instead of a boring Twitter Trivia giveaway, we decided to go back to our good ol’ “guess the boxart” format.

Except this time… with 300% more box art!

Game 1


Game 2


Game 3


Do you know what games these are? Well, put your reputation on the line below: a copy of Shadow Complex for the XBLA awaits the victor!

  • Each day, a new segment of each of the boxart samples will be revealed.
  • Keep an eye on twitter for alerts on when it has been updated.

Terms and Conditions:
1) The winner will be selected by the Gamer Limit Staff.
2) You must register an account (we need to be able to find your email).
3) This is a digital copy, no box provided.
4) You must correctly guess all 3 box art pictures in one post to claim the prize.

  1. I hereby apologise to fellow Limiters for (I assume) causing the ramp up in difficulty in this contest :)

  2. @Matty W
    You assumed correctly! The increased difficulty is a direct response to your immediate guesswork on our last boxart contest!

  3. I am 100% stumped by all of this, I can’t even guess.

  4. I think I know what #2 is but I’m not sure. I already own Shadow Complex though so I’ll be sitting this one out. Good luck everyone!

  5. avatar Krow Nandaba

    I don’t even know where to begin.

  6. haha good, last time it was too easy.

  7. So clueless. I feel like I’m staring at a magic eye that just isn’t working for me right now.

  8. avatar Chris Newman

    the first and second i dont know but is the third Disgaea hour of darkness

  9. sadface..i really wanted that Shadow Complex game too, I’ve been looking around for stuff but it’s so dang hard.

  10. Isn’t Disgaea, more clues will be released in less then 8 hours :)

  11. Oh! I just figured out the first one. No staff though: plus I already have Shadow Complex.

  12. Seriously Chris? What is it then? :P

  13. So apparently I was wrong. It’s not Herdy Gerdy.

    But now I REALLY know what it is.

  14. I checked every Xbox 360 game cover, and I couldn’t match one of them. =(

    After checking the previous giveaway, I am assuming that the ‘boxart’ would be for an XBLA game. ;)

    Here goes another hour. =p

  15. It’s amazing how many times you can update it, and I still look at them with no idea.

  16. I’ve been looking at this for the past few days now, and am still utterly clueless as to which games these box arts came from.

    • avatar Jonalyn

      ringrazio ma non sono giornalista (e srmuiacente non di riviste tecnologiche, ch non ne capisco una mazza).amo i videogiochi e mi piace condividerne la passione (passo pi tempo sui forum che a giocare); ho scritto qualche recensione in passato ma per piccoli siti gestiti da momento i miei due lavori (purtroppo come praticante legale, qui al sud, non si vede un centesimo, diventa necessario un altro impiego part time per sopravvivere) non mi consentono di dedicarmi alle recensioni come ogni cao, sto giusto scrivendo uno speciale su questi primi anni di vita del wii (ma da un punto di vista sociologico, pi che videoludico) partendo dai commenti e dalle osservazioni della comunit di far sapere se lo pubblicano.

  17. Eventually, I’ll see enough that they’ll all just click. This’ll probably happen just after I see someone guess them right, and read their answers though.

  18. Hey… isn’t this just 200% more box art? I thought the first game was Prototype, but no, apparently a lot of games have purple flames.

  19. Still no idea what they are, but I’m starting to like the look of 3.

  20. Finally figured out the first one, was driving me nuts. That dog looked so familiar.

    No clue on the others though…

  21. :)
    The other two are games by very big publishers

  22. avatar Terry

    Well I know #1…
    #2 and #3 are boggling me.

  23. Make sure you all register, so when you post the answers, you can win.

    Haha, next time we might make them a bit easier.

  24. Oh my, all this time and I’ve only got one. The others look familiar, but I can’t think from where :/

  25. Whoa whoa, back that last statement up, here we go!

    1 = Heart of Darkness
    2 = Contra
    3 = Blackthorne

    Whee! Only over 9000 hours in Google Images! :P

  26. F…
    I had the other two..
    I just barely found Contra…

    1 = Heart of Darkness
    2 = Contra
    3 = Blackthorne

    Too late now, I suppose. Congrats again.

  27. Oh man, thats rought behemoth – he got you by 10 minutes. Nice job thought Matty!

  28. Yeah, my real problem was that I didn’t know I had to register until I went down here to post them… even then I think he still had me by a minute or two.

  29. I actually sat through 2 videos containing every piece of PS1 and Atari box art ever, and went through the entirety of the VGmuseum’s collection, as well as another website I can’t recall. Throw in a ton of google, and that’s where I finally found Contra. I kept skipping it because there were two dudes in the foreground and I was on the search for a big scary alien. :P

  30. Yep looks like it goes to Matty W.
    Good try behemothz3r0 :)

  31. Such is life. Congrats, Matty!

    • avatar Diego

      Finalmente proprio FPS come qestui ci aspettavamo su wii!!! Se pur l’harware non sia eccelso un motore grafico creato utilizzando le ultimissime tecnologie “salva prestazioni” cio che dettaglia solo il pezzo di livello visualizzato e solo le superfici degli oggetti che realmente si vedono lasciando quelle nascoste semplici e senza dettaglio si riesce ad avere una grafica simile alle console rivali nextgen! Cosi sarebb perfetta, speriamo che il gioco rimani fluido per tutto il tempo senza fastidiosi cali di framerate come avviene in red steel Apparte la grafica mi aspetto un gioco divertente e coinvolgente con ottimi effetti sonori, momenti di suspance e ottimo Sfruttamento dei sensori del wiimote, in fondo dovrebbe esser stato creato anche per gli fps

  32. I had #1 fairly early, because I love that game, then figured out #2 when the muscle part dropped.

    But #3? Blackthorne crossed my mind because I also love that game, but all I could think about is this picture’s right focal point, and not the dude on the left:

  33. Hey Chris, keep me in the loop over on Twitter when another one of these is about to go up. It was fun, despite my loss of sleep. :P

  34. Thanks all, tough break Behemoth. You definitely would have won had it not been a quiet night on TV :)

    If you run another box art contest, keep it as hard as this one Gavin! Had me investigating for hours on end ;)

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