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According to GTPlanet, rumour has it that the long awaited fifth entry to the coveted Gran Turismo series could well be on its way by the end of 2009. The tentative release date remains a closely guarded secret however, as GTPlanet merely point to an “unofficial but extremley reliable source” which states that a 2009 release date is near certain, but Amazon’s speculation of a December 29th release remains incorrect.

Keep your engines revving for August 18th however, as the release date is likely to be unveiled during Sony’s conference at the¬†GamesCom Cologne.

Will my prayers be answered for Gran Turismo 5 to have a Christmas release date? Personally, I have always predicted that it will be released in Japan this December and then in other territories in March 2010, judging from previous entrants. But then, time will only tell.

Source: GTPlanet

  1. I am having an extremely hard time believing this. I’ll believe it when I see an official announcement, but until then I’m not getting my hopes up. You can find me playing Forza 3 instead.

  2. So that’s what number their on. I played the first one religiously, but after that, lost track of the sequels. Awesome series of games nonetheless.

  3. I was about to buy Prologue with my fancy new PS3 but I decided to wait for the full release of 5. I hope it comes soon!

  4. I’m so pumped for this I’ve actually started Prologue again just to satisfy my GT thirst.

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