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PS3 Slim

Back in May we saw some alleged pictures of a PS3 slim in production. Time passed, and Sony denied any idea of a price drop or a redesign of their latest console.

Now on the German, a listing of a PS3 slim accompanied with a picture has only fueled the rumor fire.

Perhaps here you’ll find the real face behind the rumors. A NeoGAF photoshop job.

Personally, if a real $400-$500 AUD,Slim 80 gig PS3 was to be released here before christmas, sign me up: I need to play some Killzone.

  1. I’m getting pretty good “inside information” that the PS3 Slim is indeed not real. Sorry Guys.

  2. avatar Anon

    @Shawn Evans

    dude, you realize no one gives a fuck about your propaganda, right?

  3. avatar Agent75

    I’ll bet £100 with anyone who read this that the PS3 Slim is real and it’ll be out soon…:)

  4. avatar Takeshi


    I do. But I don’t care about whiny kids like you.

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