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The whistle is blowing loudly, because the hype train is about to leave the station. The conductor and engineer, Mr. Cliffy B, is on board and ready to bring the Internet, and all of Gears fandom with him.

1 vs 100 Live has provided for some unique perspective into the gaming community, as the host often interviews some of the favorites among the industry. On a recent episode, Cliff Blezinski, had “no comment” about Gears of War 3. It does not exist, remember?

However Cliff did have a few comments to make in the realm of the “what if”.

Mr. B said that theoretically if the game were to exists, Gears of War 3 would include the female Gear found on a very famous Gears comic. She “may or may not” be in the game that “may or may not” be real.

We know how to read in between the lines, but we’ll continue to mark it as rumor for now.

Source: Destructoid

  1. I’m liking that artwork.

  2. I was on when he said that…
    I never heard him actually use gears of war 3..he merely said project.
    Although it’s easy to assume gears of war 3 due to him mentioning a red headed female, and well, look at what we have there.

    But eh. Rumor rumor on the wall. Let’s see if they can trick us all.

  3. avatar bJ tuImaLAtu

    thAt is JUst toooooooooo cool

  4. I approve of this rumor!

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