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Avatar ImageRugby League 3 announced
By: | August 14th, 2009
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Rugby League 3

Finally! It seems like ages since a console has seen a rugby league title, but at last, Sidhe Interactive has confirmed that they will be continuing to build upon their popular sports franchise with Rugby League 3.

The previous two incarnations are amongst the highest-selling games in the Australasian market, which is a huge achievement for the small, New Zealand-based developer. However, Sidhe has done something that is sure to upset more than a few rugby league fans.

Hit the jump to find out what they did.

Rugby League 3 is going to be a Nintendo Wii exclusive. Surprisingly, the sport most recently associated with sexual assault scandals and hotel hallway indiscretions will only be available on the family-friendly console.

Despite this, Sidhe has announced several updated features and new additions to entice gamers into purchasing. Not only will gameplay rely heavily upon the Wii’s motion controls, but players will be able to control clubs from the NRL, Toyota Cup, Super League, and UK Championships, as well as take part in the infamous State of Origin and cross-Tasman rivalries.

Kotaku Australia has a great selection of screens to check out here.

Rugby League 3 is set to be released before the end of 2009.

  1. avatar twigHULL K R

    to not put this game onto all consoles is suicidal the only games wii owners buy is mini game collections. As a 360 owner and a season pass holder for hull kr who has rugby league 2 on backwards compatibility i am devistated as i have waited for this game for years. sort it out sihe

  2. avatar jonrhinos

    to put this game on the wii is amazing n i cant wait to be able to play it not just sit there wil be great

  3. avatar RuGbY

    this sucks ive been looking forward to it for ages but on WII????

  4. avatar Michael

    put it on a real console

  5. avatar keighley's#1

    it should be out on 360 aswell, not just wii!

  6. avatar Cas for 8

    Get it on PS3!!!!! Come on sidhe!

  7. avatar Eto

    Its good 2 see league games are coming out but develope some rugby union games for ps3 and xbox360. They are a big demand. Shot!!!

  8. avatar cammy

    get it on ps3 i have every single league game on ps2 so y stop making it for playstation now

  9. avatar mitch

    when will it be on ps3

  10. avatar Marty

    Wii only?? Why? The only people who want to play this game are Rugby league fans, Rugby league fans enjoy violonce and pyshical toughness, thus are more likly to own a Ps3/Xbox360.

    Well i guess i have to buy a Wii, /sigh

  11. avatar Marty

    Wii only?? Why? The only people who want to play this game are Rugby league fans, Rugby league fans enjoy violonce and pyshical toughness, thus are more likly to own a Ps3/Xbox360.

    Well i guess i have to buy a Wii, /sigh
    ST George its the year of the Dragon baby!!!!

  12. avatar Dom

    I don’t know why everyone is complaining. It will be brilliant on wii. Just imagine it. And I had to wait forever to get RL2 on xbox so buy a wii or wait and hope. Many people have been nagging for a RL3 for years now, and when one is finally made, everyone is criticising them for it. who cares what console its on, id locate and buy a vintage sega if i had to. The point is people – RUGBY LEAGUE 3!!!

  13. avatar riley

    that is shit have it on ps2 or xbox 360 managed forex trading</a company. Check them.

  14. avatar ahmad


  15. avatar leeds rhinos

    everyone should just stop complaining is might come out on other things than just wii

  16. avatar matt

    I’m really dissapointed that it’s not on PS3!!!!!!!!!!! i mean the PS3 is a sponsor in the NRL isnt it and it’s not gonna be on PS3 c’mon

  17. avatar Warriors

    Gah! Dissapointed, Although moving the League franchise to a new console is a good idea, majority of Wii’s are owned by children, children in which love console games like Super Mario or Crash Bandicoot and what not. Who loves League? Men! Teens! the PS3 and Xbox is a far more complex console where most owners are much older/mature. My opinion ? 1 – Sony is a sponsor to at least 1 NRL team, and i believe Nintendo is not 2 – The RL franchise should carry on through the same console, or let it be announced on all consoles 3 – I think you know what point i am trying to prove. In conclusion Sidhe think about what you are doing.

    • avatar Thays

      i love the game skyrim and all the other elder sclrols and all the fallout games are fun too but i want a fun RPG game thats like those games oh side note i have a PC and X-box360 no PS3 or Wii so if it can play on either of those two that would be great

  18. avatar Slater

    No way! why not ps3

  19. avatar kangaroo Jack

    In reply to Warriors comment i agree

  20. avatar Dino

    PS3 PS3 or PS2 PS2!

  21. avatar Timothy

    What is this man! Can it not be released on XBOX360/PS2/PS3

  22. avatar E.T

    Phone home, Phone Sidhe and tell them to announce it on all consoles

  23. avatar Det. Quack

    ps2? ps3? xbox? please?
    think about the children alright?

  24. avatar Chris Brown

    Yo, this yo boy CB
    Straight up ps3 this

  25. avatar alex

    simply terrible.

  26. avatar Mark Richards

    This is a poor poor move. Been waiting for this a very long time.

  27. avatar blahblah

    y cant it be on ds jks lol. it should be on all consoles

  28. avatar kyle

    wow this game is good

  29. avatar stevo

    There has been so many people waiting for this game for so long and they only bring it out on the wii?!?!? Maybe you guys needed to sell the rights to the game and given it to someone who would actually do the sport justice, because puting it on the wii only is not justice!!!!!! Why not PS3??

  30. avatar AGblazed

    release it on PS3!!. it doesnt have to be pushin the systems limits. just as long as we can play it with ok graphics

  31. avatar matt, a warrior

    i agree with you warrior totally

  32. avatar warhorse

    i cant wait for it to come out. as a wii owner i am chuffed and think it will be more realistic to use the wii remote on the game rather than just a normal controller.

  33. avatar john

    i played rugby league for 15 years and i owen a wii and am no kid!! loads of my mates have a wii as well as another console, like alot of people these days, i think it will do well.

  34. avatar gamer

    this is bullshit to bring it on a Wii who owns one of these things???? It would be alot more favourable for them to bring it out on a PS3 and Xbox360 for sales it would sell like hot cakes. This is soooo dissapointing!!!

  35. avatar kenroid

    XBOX 360 it!!!!!! AND make a union game as well – RUGBY!!!!!!!

    guess i have to get a Wii now…..

  36. avatar woody

    Not on ps3!!! What a disgrace. How can the NRL let these fools get away with this

  37. avatar Danny

    this is BS
    put it on the xbox360!!!!!!!!!!

  38. avatar pete

    put it on 360 !!!

  39. avatar ash

    iim getting a wii haha so its all good

  40. avatar leigh

    hope it has classic controller on wii

  41. avatar Sad35

    Two red hatted gnomes having a dance. ,

  42. avatar olly

    it will be better on wii i think cause the tackling should be good and passing finnaly they bring 1 out been waiting i wouldnt mind if they made it for ps2 cause u can play ps2 games on ps3

  43. avatar P R E

    watr gay put brimg it out on 360 wii sucks

  44. avatar motu95

    asif its not coiming out on ps3 or 360 sidhe should look at cod 4 + 5 there 2 bestselling games you don see them out on wii

  45. avatar motu95

    and olly you can only play ps2 games on a 6gb ps3 but i cant cause i have and 80gb

  46. avatar motu95

    ea sports should make it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! stupid sidhe

  47. avatar NZ

    My prediction -

    I have a PS3 and Wii so dont care which system, PS3 = better graphics, Wii, better framerate
    PS3, better online modes
    Wii, better game play

    So my prediction is all the Wii haters will buy a Wii just for this game, then realise, it is the top console for gameplay, and then you will buy some adult Wii titles like….

    PES 2010
    Resident Evil 4
    Metroid Prime Corruption
    Mad World
    Scarface Wii

    Then you will realise GAMEPLAY and framerate is superior – on the Wii and it can live quite happily next to your PS3 or Xbox 360 just like mine does….

    Graphics suck, but I can deal with that because once the game gets going I dont notice anyway….

    The only real problem is sounds like no online – that’s not the Wii’s fault as many games have online modes…….

    Please let there be online….

  48. avatar Disgusted78

    I think it is ridiculous that they are only releasing it for the WII, that is like suicide, that will be the end of sidhe, if they wanna survive in todays market, than they need to listen to there customers. thus far they are ignoring us, and only gunna be there own down fall. PS3 is where there focus and attention should be for the development and all other consoles second. Wake up Sidhe, or fade out.

  49. avatar leagie

    I’m so annoyed they made it on the nintendo Piiss, a console with legacy hardware and useless magic wand thing instead of a control pad. All the games on it are the same: random stick waggling at cartoon characters. Yes you can make serious games on it but no-one does because it’s crap.

    I’ll have to get the gayFL 2010 game instead, at least that’s coming out on a proper machine.

  50. avatar jye-z

    this is bullshit what they need to do is put in on all consoles especially ps3 start doing what the customers want and you might actually make some money.

  51. avatar jye-z

    ea sports needs to take over sidhe with this game and then we would really see a good rugby league game for fuck sake i have been waiting years for this wake up u idots think of your customers.

  52. avatar geRard

    No, no, no, no, no. Why would you not put it out on PS2, almost everyone has one. Turning away customers is NOT a good move. Even FIFA 10 is out on PS2. Get with it Sidhe.

  53. avatar logan

    its easy for them to put it onto wii as it will pretty much have the same graphics as the last game.
    not opting to go onto 360 or ps3 is utterly stupid, I hope EA get the rights to Rugby League sometime soon.

  54. avatar robCORE

    this is bullshit……. I’m a bit backward and semi-barbaric, so I hate the Wii. I wont buy one just for this game, even though I’ve been waiting for this game for some time.

  55. avatar S

    completely feel lost in a mans word, but want this for my boyfriend for xmas so rather than complaining about it not being on ps3 can someone tell me when its actually coming out?

  56. avatar lewis

    this is shit, they need to bring it owt on xbox or ps3 it wud be the top seller !

  57. avatar lewis h

    They Must be mad, im rugby league mad, ive been waiting for this to come out ages, but on the wii, NO
    They should have it on all consoles, they would earn a lot more money and sell a lot more of the game.
    Come On Sort It Out :/

  58. avatar Giants Ben

    This is taking the piss its a disgrace i spent my monet on a PS3 why should i now buy a wii this is stupid ive been waiting for this game since rugby league 2 and i’ve signed all the petitions to get a new one out why have they done this?

  59. avatar Xbox 360 needs rugby league

    put in on xbox 360, wii sucks, we need the game, finally a great game comes and you’ve put it just on wii ? :(

  60. avatar ...APOCALYPTIC7791...

    sure the game will be interesting on the wii and i would like to see what they have done with it, but to not have it on atleast xbox 360 is simply a death wish…it will likely just sit on the shelves of every store as people walk by or end up at your local EB’s store as a $10 preowned game…

  61. avatar Mauricey

    cumon mang…put the bloody game on ps3!!!
    it would sell way more!!!!

  62. avatar sharples

    bet most of you tits never playd a game of rugby in ya life bit pissd off its not on ps3 tho guna av 2 fork out for a wi now?

  63. avatar Anonymous

    They either don’t have the money to make it on the PS3 and XBOX or just don’t have the tech know how to develop it on such a high performance console. maybe in a few more years.

  64. avatar XOLTON

    They either don’t have the money to make it on the PS3 and XBOX or just don’t have the tech know how to develop it on such a high performance console. maybe in a few more years.

  65. @sharples

    Played Rugby League for several years. Second row. Loved every minute of it. Definitely going to get this on Wii, but it doesn’t mean that I’m not disappointed about it not being on Xbox or PS3.

  66. avatar wire 2010

    right, thats stupid i own a wii ps2 and xbox 360 ! but why have it on wii when it wil be tons better on xbox or either playstation !! SORT IT OUT SIDHE ITS STUPID !!!!!

  67. avatar rebel az

    nintendo wii sux shit put it on ps3 com on evry body now ps3 ps3 ps3 ps3. nintendo wii? bludi rediculous! sidhe what the hell are you thinking? you might as well not release the game at all.

    • avatar Elza

      I still haven’t watched a rugby match uselns you count the one where I was in my living room reading and there was a match on the tv at the same time .I will possibly maybe watch the one on Sunday (seems I’m Irish, I should probably start with a match where I support one of the countries, right?), on the condition that I’m not hungover, which I don’t think I will be!

  68. avatar big bad man

    it will be shit on the wii it has shit grafix and a shit console if it is just one person

  69. avatar KIWI

    What a total disappointment… all i can say and i hope the market agrees this should be on PS3 and 360

  70. avatar dave

    where can u buy this 4 xbox?

  71. avatar Kitt

    Rugby League 1 and 2 were great games that finally gave League fans a place to live out their fantasy of playing with their real life heroes. For Sidhe to only bring NRL 3 out on Wii is a travesty. I agree with everyone that wants it on proper consoles.

  72. avatar Kitt

    Rugby League 1 and 2 were great games. I’ve been waiting for the third version for ages. To bring it on the Wii only is a great disappointment for the developer and NRL

  73. avatar ee;s

    yes i just got a wii
    but i heard you need a gamecube controller

  74. avatar Shannon

    Why Why Why, with PS3′s great ability why only release it in Wii. After all this waiting i think i will be missing out on this one.

  75. avatar Travis

    Talk about shooting yourself in the foot, Sidhe you committed suicide!
    Bring it out on PS3

  76. avatar rhinos rule

    should come out on ps3

  77. avatar Anonymous

    far dinkim why do do gooders have to spoil everything dont be rediculas and bring it out on all console, stops all arguments everyones happy and who cares how much it costs to make this game would make 100 times the amount of money that it takes to make it.

  78. avatar anon

    I got a wii and i think it fail’s just like rugby league 2 did why dont sidhe give the right’s to a good company like ea sports or something i really think this is comical having it excluisive to the wii lol@sidhe wouldnt expect anything more from the silver fern’s

  79. avatar zoidberg

    get it on xbox 360!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  80. avatar bob

    why u all dissing wii for wii is the best nd the best console for rl3 to come out on so go suck on a dick

  81. avatar Justin

    why do it like this you arnt going make any money now not happy ps3 rocks

  82. avatar robbo

    f**king bulls**t i will never buy a wii for this game bring it out on PS3!!!!! not happy!

  83. avatar Anonymous

    it should be out on 360 not just wii !!!

  84. avatar Rugby Union Rules the World

    Man, you people make me laugh with your terrible spelling, bad grammar and childish arguments – “Get it on PS3 you idiots or you will lose money” hahaha.

    Do you seriously think a company would not have researched this and come up with a business plan for the development of the game? Sidhe Interactive know exactly how many Wii consoles there are and would be able to forecast almost to the unit what their sales will be.

    Creating online games with graphics and programming on the level of PS3 and 360 costs a fortune. Weigh that up against the tiny drop in the ocean that is Australian console owners and it makes no business sense to develop it. Some games developed for the world market fail to return the research and development costs on the other consoles. Add to that the almost certain possibility that Nintendo have paid extra for the exclusive rights to the game and it is a no-brainer, something most of the posters on here fall well below of in the intelligence area.

    The cries of “release it on PS3 or you will go under” and “this will be the end of Sidhe” are an ironic joke. If there was a brain cell among you illiterate neanderthals you might realise that is exactly the reason it is not being developed for the other consoles. Sidhe have done the research and it simply not viable. Do you honestly think that RL3 was going to be profitable on all consoles that we it would not be released on them all?

    And for the EA fanboys, EA developers are from countries that are from countries knowing nothing and caring less about Rugby League. Add to this the fact they have ruined some of the worlds best sports with their rushed and low budget development of games, do you really want them to develop Rugby League just so you can spend another 8 hours on your a**e pretending to play sport? The irony is that people playing the games could actually go out and excercise and be involde in the most life-like version of the games, THE REAL THING!!

    Soccer, Rugby Union, and most American sports appeal to a much higher number of people worldwide than League does. AFL, they have paid an enormous amount to have their sport developed into a game which is only released in Australia and some parts of the UK. If Rugby League administrators have any sense they would never do the same. Hang on I can hear them now, “Oh, yes. Lets pay bucket-loads to have someone develop our sport, which a tiny percentage of the worlds population even knows exists, so that they can spend more time on the couch and not bother to come to any of the games, or god forbid actually PLAY it? Brilliant!”

    The depths of some peoples idiocy knows no bounds, and I’m afraid for us all…

    • avatar roosters

      the words of a union man that has taken the time to sit on his asres an write this what a idoit why would u go to the trouble of reading it if its not importent thats what makes u a big joke lol

    • avatar Sergej

      I should have been at the gig last night but intesad I spent the evening being told to f off by a 12 year old and trying to protect a boy from being beaten up for being gay. My job is sometimes really shit. (I work in a library a place of learning and abuse)Still, I’m glad to hear everything is going so well and that the iPod has almost finished its long journey.Excellent work Simone! That’s an awful lot of weight to lose and I hope you’re now happy with how you look. Hooray for TYSIC!

  85. avatar howies

    i waited for this games and its not coming out on xbox 360 not all of us can go out an buy a wii just to play one game when we have 50 games on other concols this is a bull sh move an i will be unable to play a good game as its not put on ones that we have what a why to get people out of buying one as i will not buy the game till it comes on xbox 360 if i want a wii i will go to the lou

  86. avatar da N.Z bunnys fan

    You know what sidhe suck making this game, E.A sports should be da cre8trz, they knw hw 2 make games properly.

  87. avatar Anonymous

    why does it have to be on wii

  88. avatar Dan

    Exclusive mean exclusive so it will not be out on 360 or PS3. I am an 360 man and a rugby league (Warrington Wolves) man so I’m gutted but theirs nothing you can do about it by complaining about it on a forum.

  89. avatar Steve

    I am disgusted to say the least that this game has not been released for the PS3 console. I am an avid fan of Rugby league yet unable to play it. Please pull ur finger out.
    The PS & X Box consoles have been out a damn sight longer than the Wii & Ninendo, yet they more or less seem to get all the games before the PS3 / X Box consoles

  90. avatar boo

    wtf!! rugby league 3 is the best rugby league game and should be on one of the best consoles like xbox 360 or ps3 to. But nope sidhe puts it on the console that nobody has.

  91. avatar Braith

    they should just bring it out on more consoles they’ll make more money and the wii is a disgrace to gaming consoles, get your shit together cause i’ve waited a long time for this game to come out but not on a shitty low graphic motion console

  92. avatar Anonymous

    well i think they should at least say if there not gonna bring it out on ps3 and 360, just to let us know, not to wait or to wait.

  93. avatar sidhe do us a favour please man. I'm a playstation3 owner and would like nothing more than to get in a scrum with you, but I really really would love to get springbok to kick some australian but. It please have the game released on all consoles or else yo


  94. avatar wire_till_i_die!

    finaly a rugby league game!

  95. avatar Josh

    Sidhe sort it out for christs sake, everyone has been waiting years for this game and you bring it out on wii WTF!!!
    the demand for rl3 on ps3 and 360 is far more than wii, i meen cmon it does’nt take a brain surgeon to work tht out!

  96. avatar Josh

    “Rugby Union Rules the World ” your comments bore everyone in this forum, get a life virgin

  97. avatar Bertie

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