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It has been known that Nintendo’s online market has not been up to par with its competitors: PS3 and Xbox 360.  In attempt to stimulate its growth, Ghostfire Games have been working on a new dowloadable title called Rage of the Gladiator.

The game focuses around a young prince named Gracius who, what appears, has to fight through a series of arenas to claim his crown as king of Avalance.  Right now, little is known about the storyline, but is its secrecy and appeal enough to draw a strong crowd to the WiiWare market?

The game appears to deliver a style that resembles mythical ages meets Super Punch Out.  There are no redundant little enemies, just a series of bosses that have super strength and exploitable weaknesses who are waiting to get mashed up by your Thor like hammer.  The best part about this game… It’s all crammed into 40MB!

Aww, all I ever wanted to do in life is face stop some baddies.  Thank you Rage of the Gladiator for delivering this to me.  Expect the game to be released in Fall of 2009.

  1. That dude’s laugh is the most awesome thing I’ve heard today…

    and my ears have been open ALL day.

  2. That voice work is absolutely terrible. I could see it getting old real quick. Still, at 40megs I’d probably dl it.

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