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One of the most intriguing announcements today for anyone interested in PSP is the introduction of the PSP minis range. With a size limit of 100MB these downloadable games will be focused on delivering a concentrated dose of gaming.

Read on for details of what minis will be available at the launch of the service. I promise there will be zombies, so you gotta read it now.

On October 1st a new section of the Playstation Store will open up for PSP minis, with fifteen titles available from the off. Confirmed so far are Pacman Championship Edition, Championship Manager, Burn Zombie Burn 2D, Funky Punch, Breakquest, Melody Bloxx, Fieldrunners, Puzzle Scape, Alien Havok, and Sudoku. No pricing details yet but expect them to match up favourably with the iPhone’s App store prices.

As promised to those who clicked here for the undead, here is a screen of upcoming PSP mini title Zombie Tycoon.

zombie tycoon

  1. Zombie…Tycoon? Never have I seen a game cater to me and my gf equally, yet make neither of us want to play it :S

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